An experiment in populist political action

Posted: May 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve read several accounts around the web dealing with what we are trying to accomplish in Clark County, both at the G.O.P. convention and with the upcoming PCO races. Most have been from people attempting to cast the effort in a negative light, primarily because of our association with Ron Paul/Tea Party/Right-of-Center groups. I firmly embrace this association, those are my people, and our goal is to restore meaning to the word ‘conservative’, so that people supporting a big-spending, big-government politician like Mitt Romney will not be comfortable applying that word to themselves.

I will try in the next few months to present what I think are the important elements of the effort so that at least there is representation from within the movement.  There are also anecdotes which I would love to recount at some point so that those of you who have never been involved in this process can get a sampling of how it works, at least in my own experience. Stay tuned.

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