Convention Notes

Posted: June 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

The ten Congressional Districts each chose three delegates to the national convention on Friday. Ron Paul swept in CD 7 and the Paul/Santorum coalition prevailed in CD 3. According to reports, Romney swept the remaining districts, and is likely to take all of the 10 at-large delegates on Saturday.

There will likely be more written regarding the CD6 vote and the inclusion of the Kitsap county Romney delegates who were elected by questionable means, but passed the Romney-dominated credentials committee (the same committee that disallowed most of the delegation from the 17th LD from Clark County, and very nearly the entire 18th LD as well). These Kitsap delegates made the difference in the Romney sweep of that district, and their seating left a very bad taste in the mouth of the Paul supporters there.

There are also widespread reports of people’s names not appearing on the printed ballots, despite certified mail attesting to their having sent the info to the WSRP in time. Oddly, these omitted names nearly always end up being Paul supporters. They can be added manually to the list, but it puts them at a disadvantage to those who are already there ‘officially’.

I was watching the proceedings in CD 9 for awhile, and the very assertive woman who led the vote there declared openly that Romney would be the nominee and that anyone voted as a delegate was required to state that they would support him. It has been a revelation in watching this process to realize that these confident assertions about who the nominee will be are based on projections of votes that haven’t happened yet. To dictate the nominee to the very people who are about to vote on who the nominee will be shows a serious lack of fair-minded officiating of the proceedings. The language was a little more tempered in CD 3, where the chair, Vancouver’s own Ryan Hart, knew there was a stronger contingent of non-Romney delegates. They were still required to swear allegiance to the eventual nominee, but that nominee was not named.

Congratulations to CD 3 delegates Lisa Ross, Trevor Winton and Katja Delavar, and alternates Tracy Wilson, Amanda Richards, and Sam Webb.


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