Establishment Baseball: Spraying Poison on the Grass Roots; Planting Tumbleweeds in their Place

Posted: July 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have explained my views of good PCO attributes and goals at length in prior posts. The highest duty of the Precinct Officer position is his or her stewardship over the caucus process – to make it fair, orderly, and according to the rules, so that the integrity of the voting is preserved. The caucuses on March 3rd, however, were littered with instances of PCOs not knowing the rules, butchering the voting process, or just not bothering to show up at all.

One such case was recent Clark County convention rules chair Brent Boger. A former CCRP chairman, Boger has also served as PCO of precinct 914 in Washougal. Except that he didn’t serve in that capacity on March 3rd, because he never showed up, and the voters of his precinct were left to figure out how to carry on a vote without a precinct officer. Travis Evans, with help from his wife Sharla, was forced to step in and take charge of leading delegate elections and filling out the delegate sheet to be filed with the CCRP.  Sharla later decided that she could easily improve on Boger’s performance as PCO, so she filed to run for that position against Mr. Boger. In response, this is what he had to say recently:

I am also on the ballot for Republican Precinct Committee Officer in my precinct in the August primary. I considered withdrawing because of my appointment to Council (and before). I believe, however, that both of our major parties, whether in power or out, should have leadership capable of governing. There is a group dominated by supporters of Ron Paul who I do not think are realistic enough to be capable of governing attempting to takeover the local Republican Party. They have a candidate challenging me in my precinct, so I will remain a candidate for Precinct Committee Officer. If re-elected, I will seek out a realistic replacement as soon as possible.

The logic here is mystifying. Mr. Boger, despite his own complete malfeasance in the most recent caucus, feels that actually, Sharla (who showed up and helped lead the caucus vote) is the one incapable of fulfilling the duties of the office. So he intends to run for the office and then drop it as soon as he wins. His sole reason, therefore, for running for PCO in precinct 914 is to keep Sharla from winning – a woman he has never met and knows nothing about other than that she supported Ron Paul for President. Why on Earth would anyone vote for Boger under these circumstances?  There is no more clear example of how the Establishment thinks about elected positions, as a commodity to be owned, controlled, and passed on to others in the tight blue-blood circle.

Which candidate do you imagine will be more accountable to the voters of precinct 914?

  1. glenn kincaid says:

    I was there as Boger no showed all of us! I will do everything in my power in this community to help elect Shara Evans.

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