Establishment Baseball: Stealing Signs

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Reports are coming in from the four corners of the county that PCO Liberty Alliance signs are being vandalized and stolen. In one case, a candidate had the sign stolen right out of his own front yard, In another, someone spray painted a circle and slash through a candidate’s sign (see below)

There is a normal amount of vandalism that occurs in every election cycle, but in several cases, the people doing this have systematically gone through the entire precinct ripping down signs. It seems obvious that this is not the work of random teenagers. Is the establishment machine out in force to make sure that they win PCO races by any means necessary?

  1. Dan says:

    Just so you know. Paul Harris has lost 54 signs on McGillvray Blvd. 35 in one location on PRIVATE Property. Don’t get all atwitter about signs, they disappear. For whatever reason…Nice to see you work on Eileen’s campaign. I look forward to your full attention and energy working for Madore, Olson, Benton and Harris, in a few weeks.
    I am always

    your loyal reader…


  2. The fact that you know the numbers tells me that you might be a little miffed when your signs go missing as well, no? I recognize that stealing signs is a common occurrence, but going through several precincts in the same area on the east side and removing ALL of the signs is grounds for some level of atwitterage in my view.

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