Clark County Primary Elections: Examining the Results

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

While the complete results of the primary elections are not tabulated yet (further results will be released at 5 p.m. tonight and tomorrow night), there are some interesting trends that can be observed:

1. Barring a change of heart from Adrian Cortes, LD 18 is stuck with Vick for the time being.

The write-in campaign for Peter Silliman garnered over 1000 votes, which is incredible, but not enough to overcome the two political insiders whose names were actually on the ballot. I saw Pete speak at several events over the course of his campaign, getting progressively more confident with each appearance, and I believe he will make a good candidate with some seasoning over the next two years. To his tremendous integrity, wisdom, and life experience, he will need to add a honing of his message and his ability to communicate it. In my experience, most voters simply check a box with very little information. 1000 people actually took the time to find out about Pete and write his name out. That is something tangible to build on. Don’t play on that new backhoe too long, Pete. Your district still has need of you.

2. The race for District 2 County Commissioner is the most significant single race in Clark County.

The totals so far have David Madore holding a slim 250-vote margin over Roman Battan and incumbent, Marc Boldt. This race pits a Democrat (Battan) against a moderate Republican (Boldt), and a conservative (Madore). Madore appears to have hit the sweet spot between business-loving conservatives, values voters, and small-government libertarians. The support among these factions is so far carrying him to the lead. Definitely a contest to watch, both in terms of the orientation of the Commissioner Board, and as a template for running coalition candidates in the future.

3. The PCO Liberty Alliance is going toe-to-toe with the Establishment in their very first election cycle.

It looks like many of the leaders and strong activists from both camps are being elected, and that overt attempts to unseat Ron Paul PCOs with mailers have been less successful than in the past. Known mailer campaign targets include Laney Maxwell (winning +35) and Katja Delavar (winning +7). There are a few significant casualties on each side, but a lot of PCO Liberty Alliance candidates (possibly over 90) are being elected, which sets up a very interesting reorganization meeting in December.

This Precinct Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us!

The biggest PCO race in the county may be in precinct 460, where PCO incumbent and sitting County Auditor Greg Kimsey is getting a strong challenge from recent Clark County Ron Paul campaign coordinator and 3rd Congressional District RNC Delegate Trevor Winton. The vote total in that precinct is off the charts, with Kimsey leading 163 to 125 for Trevor as of last night’s numbers. No precinct vote total in the county even comes close to this. File this race under ‘situations to watch in the future’. Even if Trevor loses this time, he is not yet 30 years old, and will be a political force to be reckoned with in years to come. One wonders how the vote would go if Kimsey’s name wasn’t on every single ballot envelope in the county.

More results at 5 p.m. Stay tuned.


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