Updated Primary Info, Kimsey/Winton Race Tightens

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Updates from County Auditor Greg Kimsey’s office are in, and what was a 38-vote lead in Kimsey’s race against Trevor Winton has now been reduced to 23. Kimsey’s 188 votes so far is the highest total in the county, and Trevor’s 165 is second-highest, just ahead of James Randall’s 164 in a neighboring precinct. It is interesting that the guy counting the votes happened to receive the most votes in the entire county in his PCO race. It is also interesting that despite this vote total outlier, this one is still a contest. There are reportedly upwards of 12-15,000 ballots yet to be counted, and Trevor got 40 votes on the 8000 that were counted on Wednesday. A race that was considered ‘over’ has now been moved to the ‘in play’ category.

Another interesting development is in the Commissioner race between Madore, Battan, and Boldt. Boldt has now moved into the top two, ahead of the Democrat Roman Battan. If this result should hold and Boldt is able to advance to the general election, the Democrats and Republican Moderates are likely to coalesce around him, and he will have a very good chance of being elected. Jamie Herrera has reportedly endorsed Boldt and their signs can be seen hung together in my area. Several members of the Establishment machine have also endorsed Boldt.

I have identified this as the most important single race in Clark County, because in many ways, it embodies the battle for the soul of the party that the PCO Liberty Alliance has been waging. If the Moderates, with all of their rhetoric about ‘getting behind the nominee’ and ‘working to elect Republicans at all costs’ end up joining Democrats to elect Boldt, it will finally reveal to some of the thicker heads in the CCRP rank-and-file that these people really are not ‘on the team’ – that they have their own agenda, and they are perfectly willing to throw the rest of the party under the bus if they don’t achieve that agenda.  Consider Brent Boger and his comments about the CCRP on his way out the door. The Establishment playbook is being set up nicely in this case, but these things always have a way of coming back to bite them.


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