Update on Clark County PCO Election Results

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Apologies to my readers (both of you) for not posting a follow-up to the election sooner. Apparently, at least one huge fan of this blog (especially the name!) really missed me last week, and unfortunately has been left to make guesses without informed guidance about the outcome of the PCO race as a result. I am happy to provide him and anyone else who is interested with a more accurate picture of the results and what they mean for the CCRP.

In a large, collective effort to run for PCO, it is very difficult to track how many of the 210 precinct officers who were elected are actually sympathetic with the movement. The PCO Liberty Alliance website ran into some negative feedback while trying to endorse known conservatives because in many cases, the opposite candidate was also with us ideologically. This was unfortunate, but in some ways, unavoidable in a volunteer-run effort to get more conservative people elected. We look forward to getting to know those people better in the future as we work to steer the Republican Party in Clark County in a more conservative direction.

As a consequence of this uncertainty, reporting numbers of victories is also difficult, but here is what can be said with a fair level of confidence. Of the candidates that were endorsed by the PCO Liberty Alliance in 210 races, 50 were among the 100 or so uncontested, and were therefore already going to win regardless. Those 50 were the first blow in the campaign and the reason why the collective scrambling by the Establishment began in May. Fifty motivated PCOs can have a strong influence on the party in a number of ways, and they certainly erode at the heretofore unchallenged dominance by the left wing of the Republican party, the ‘moderates’ who have had total control for years of the local candidate selection process. To get 50 on the first try was a credit to the organization that sprang up after the convention in April.

In addition to those 50 out of 100 or so automatic PCOs however, there were also 110 races in which at least two people in a precinct were vying for the suddenly-coveted PCO spot. Of the 110 candidates who were able to achieve the highest vote totals in their respective precincts, at least 44 were PCOLA-endorsed candidates (PCOLA did not have endorsements in every race). Many of these candidates did not run under the PCOLA banner, but were endorsed because they had, on some level, identified themselves as having similar objectives.

Adding both contested and uncontested PCOLA victories yields a number somewhere north of 90 out of 210 elected PCOs. The belief here is that there will be others that will also vote with us, but they may not even be necessary in order to influence Executive Board elections. I have spoken to quite a few sitting PCOs who tell me that the Organization meetings in December have never included a full complement of the PCO body. The question then becomes which side is more motivated to show up and make a difference, the side that ran of their own accord and paid for their own races, or the side that was begged to run by party leaders who ran their campaigns in many cases, and sought donor and even party money in order to fund them. The consensus in most quarters (with the possible exception of 144th St, Brush Prairie) is that the self-directed, self-funded group has the greater chance to show up and prevail in December.

Is this a ‘Ron Paul Takeover’?

There are many in the county who are concerned about the number of Ron Paul supporters who were able to win PCO races. I have never counted this number personally, because in many ways, it isn’t relevant to this effort, since the fate of Ron Paul’s candidacy will have been long-decided by the time these PCOs take office in December. Presumably, those people, like myself, will have to find local candidates to get behind, and those candidates will not always share every plank in Ron Paul’s national platform; they will have their own platforms based more on state and county issues. I have, for instance, chosen to support David Madore for county commissioner. As far as I know, David did not support Ron Paul last March, and I have never asked him how he feels about our presence in Afghanistan because a County Commissioner has no authority to send troops there or bring them home. A County Commissioner does have a lot to say about local government’s presence in our daily lives, and I think David understands the concept of personal liberty and property rights more than the big-government fellow he is running against. David has also demonstrated to my own satisfaction that he is not running for his own personal gain and that in his own personal life, his philosophy is to help the population at large rather than just rich business people who donate to his campaign. If the goal is to elect people with moral and ethical conviction that is independent of their own political/business career, I think David Madore is a step in that direction.

There will be efforts made by many in the PCO Liberty Alliance to support Liberty/Tea Party candidates when they should surface, and hopefully, those candidates will not have to fight their own party’s money and resources in order to win. That is what having a presence on the Central Committee and Executive Board can do, and that is why our grass roots organization has worked hard to gain these seats. We did not win every seat, but we did win enough that it will be impossible to steamroll the conservative voice in Clark County moving forward.

Meanwhile, this blog is going to be covering the Republican National Convention in Tampa next week, so hopefully those who have expressed disappointment at the lack of posts will be satiated.

  1. Dan says:

    I accept your apology. Now can I come by with the Harris sign?

    Truly yours,

    Reader #2.

  2. John says:

    Thanks for the explanation. Any grass roots movement to change the party is welcome. After that convention, it seems pretty clear that some of these folks need to retire and make way for people with more on the ball. Thanks for your hard work, and take my advice and don’t put a sign with the name ‘Harris’ in your yard. Paul is in the teacher union’s pocket and Jeannie is insane.

  3. If any candidate wants to leave signs with me, I am happy to distribute them to anyone in my precinct who might want them. I plan to canvass my entire precinct by October to introduce myself as the new PCO-elect and to encourage people to vote. Aside from David Madore and Justice Sanders however, I will probably not be endorsing any local candidate this election cycle either on this blog or on my lawn (Sorry, Jeannie). I’m not sure how much good I would be doing anyway. My house is beyond city limits at the end of a cul-de-sac, and this blog is on a similar internet equivalent. No doubt one day countries will rise and fall on my endorsement, but if vote totals for Pidgeon and Hadian are any indication, I wouldn’t advise anyone to hold their breath.

  4. Ron says:

    Your blog is so cool… There is a lot of info here. Will you be writing about Tampa soon? I followed everything quite closely on twitter, but it would be great to get your perspective.

  5. Hey Ron, thanks for the vote of confidence. I will try to finish a Tampa post today.

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