CCRP Board Throws its First-Ever PCO Picnic

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m back from Tampa and have much to say about the RNC that I did not have time to chronicle during the long days of activities and late nights of listening to mostly vacuous, insipid speeches. Several people have asked me about the fireworks on the floor last Tuesday, and I will do my best to relay those events in the next few days.

Meanwhile, at home, one curious recent development in the CCRP that you should know about was that interim CCRP Chair Stephanie McClintock and Co. have decided to host a PCO picnic. The follow-up invitation arrived in my email while I was in Tampa:

Hello PCO’s!

Just a few things to update you on:

First, I have attached a PCO manual for you to read through. It is part of your job as a PCO to help Republicans get elected and I can’t think of a more important election than this! Our greatest need at this time is getting volunteers into the Victory Office making phone calls! The office is located at 9901 9th Ave #C-119 (this is in Hazel Dell behind Bortolomi’s Pizza) and is open from 10am-8pm Monday through Saturday. Please stop by and help out!

Second, our PCO Picnic is Sunday, September 9th at 1:00pm at Kline Line Park in Salmon Creek. Please RSVP so we know how much food to buy! Families are welcome! Thank you to Brad Palmer, Julie Longoria and Lynn Costello for offering to help with this event.

Third, I have received many questions about a PCO meeting on September 6th. For clarification, this is not a Clark County Republican Party sponsored event. Meaning that no one from the CCRP leadership is leading or organizing this meeting of PCO’s. Because of this, no official business can take place since there is no one leading this meeting that has a leadership role at the CCRP.

Lastly, I want to introduce you to the new board for the Clark County Republican Party that has recently been appointed:
Ryan Hart-State Committeeman
Anna Miller-State Committeewoman/Office Mgr
Sharon Long-Secretary
Dan Barnes-Treasurer
Julie Longoria-CCRW President
Mike Gaston-Executive Director
Mary Graham-18th LDD
Kelly Stoner-17th LDD
Margie Ferris-49th LDD
Justin Reilly-Parliamentarian
Tom Hann-Political Director
Garret Delano-Website/Tech Team
Peter Gilmour-Website/Tech Team
Chuck Miller-Initiatives/Fundraising
Dick Sohn-Office Admin/Signs
Lynda Wilson-Events/Fundraising
Lynn Costello-Office Admin/events

Thank you all for your work and dedication! I look forward to seeing you at the picnic! Please contact me if you have any questions.

Stephanie McClintock



I am told by long-time PCOs that this is the first time a picnic of this sort has ever been arranged by the CCRP. It appears that the party is very concerned about messaging and control in the wake of the PCO Liberty Alliance’s recent election success, and is attempting to assert its own leadership at the outset. If one of our long-standing goals was to make the office of PCO more central and relevant to the operations of the local party, I cannot but think that we have achieved that on some level, and we are only beginning.

One of the interesting things that Stephanie points out is that “it is part of your job as a PCO to help Republicans get elected”. I have had a few conversations with campaigns who tell me that they get very little help from the current body of PCOs. Ironically, many PCOs are having a tough time getting voter data from the party as well. Asking Precinct Officers to help in campaigns without furnishing them with voter data is akin to asking them to make bricks without straw. Why is the party withholding this data from its own PCOs?

The awkward commentary regarding PCOLA’s public meeting on September 6th also raised eyebrows. Were people actually asking Stephanie if  ‘official business’ was happening there, or does Stephanie feel threatened when PCOs gather in other contexts than CCRP-sanctioned events? The purpose of that meeting, among other things, is for local candidates to present themselves before the PCOs that they are asking for help from. Most new PCOs have received several emails from candidates soliciting help for various campaigns, but several of these candidates have had no dealings at all with either PCOLA or the individual PCOs. In the wake of the Unity Slate debacle, the terrible convention, and now the Romney power grab at the RNC, there is a lot of uncertainty among the grassroots that those in charge, including elected officials, are actually working on behalf of the people they purport to represent. PCOLA is working hard to provide a means by which these various groups can communicate with each other directly. Hopefully, this meeting will resolve any questions that PCOs may have about candidates so that they can feel good about volunteering for and supporting those candidates.

It was interesting to scan through the new Executive Board and once again find no Paul supporters on it. Requests to Stephanie for clarification as to why a group that garnered 28.5% of the straw vote in Clark County and just under a third of the new PCO body has zero representation on the board have thus far gone unanswered. I seem to recall having the same issue when trying to ask former CCRP Chair Brandon Vick questions, so perhaps it is a problem with the email system at GOP headquarters. Hopefully, we can get this problem and others straightened out by December.

  1. Dick Sohn says:

    I just stumbled on to this site while checking Facbook (Ihave no idea how that happened) and I read the “One activist’s perspective.” Am I the only one who doesn’t know the name of the “activist?” It would help me to have an exchange of ideas and perspectives with a person instead of a title. I hope I am assuming correctly that is what you want.

    Dick Sohn
    R-PCO 225

    • dan the man says:

      Hey, Dick! I AM his loyal reader. You, an interloper. I’ll see if you can get an invite to his irregualarly scheduled breadfast meeting.

  2. Hi Dick. I noticed that my readership doubled yesterday. I thought perhaps, after months of begging her, I had finally added my wife as a reader, so imagine my excitement to find that it was actually a newly-minted Clark County Republican Party Executive Board ™ member instead. I had one of those already, but I’m not sure he counts, since he is only trying to get a Paul Harris sign on my lawn, and as soon as he accomplishes that, he will probably be gone.

    Anyway, you are welcome to exchange ideas and perspectives to your heart’s content here. This blog was supposed to be for updating friends in the Liberty camp on what is going on, but pretty soon I will have to add a chat option so that we can hold virtual CCRP board meetings here as well. 😉



  3. dan the man says:

    …and I’ll get that sign in your yard if it’s the last thing I ever do!!! We do need another breakfast meeting, among other topics, 1) why are there no Ron Paulista’s on the board? 2) what the hell in “establishment”? 3) Why does your wife seem so normal and nice? 4) how do we get Trevor to shave that Stalinist beard? and 5) how many Paul Harris signs do you want in your yard?…you know it’s going to happen…

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