On the Way Home From Work, a Funny Thing Happened

Posted: October 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

This picture, of several volunteers (including yours truly) trying to wake people up to the reality of bridge costs, has been making the rounds on facebook. Some of the interesting comments from those in favor of the $Multi-Billion project:

” For those who have taken the time to read a little and understand who really owns I-5 (the feds) it’s easy to understand what is going to happen to this important interstate highway. No County Commissioner is going to have much of anything to say about this bridge- boondoggle or not. MADORE and Company HAVE REALLY BEEN MISLEADING THE VOTERS OUT THERE. And THAT I find is the biggest crime of all. Tolls? Sure, this will be a toll road just like the many THOUSANDS of them across the U.S. Simple fact of life people. The amount? No one knows right now. But I can tell you the toll across Lake Washington, Seattle to Kirkland, is something like $3.50+. A vote for or against the Prop 1 measure coming up WILL HAVE ZERO EFFECT ON THE BRIDGE OR LIGHT RAIL. It is only for the possible funding of Maintenance and Operation. That’s it. The bridge is going in…even now as I write this. They have already been busy looking for footings in the river, taking measurements, etc. Folks, this is a DONE DEAL. If you think voting for this wealthy guy who wants to be a County Commissioner, MADORE, is going to stop this bridge or anything else, you are deluded.”

Getting into the ridiculous bureaucracy and cost associated with the building of this $4 Billion+ tribute to liberal insanity is beyond the scope of this post, but David Madore was fighting this project as a citizen and if elected, he will do so from a much more influential position. The rhetoric of the left is nothing if not consistent. Pass outlandish spending projects and then, when faced with associated funding problems, insist that it is a ‘done deal’ and nothing more is allowed to be said on the topic. Sound familiar? This is exactly how they did it with Obamacare. Just like Obamacare, however, there is the small matter of the expense, and unfortunately, the people who railroaded this through have not volunteered to pick up the tab. They expect us to take care of that small detail via tolls, property taxes, etc. They just don’t want us to say anything while we are opening our wallets.

It has been amusing to watch the left spontaneously combust over this picture. This effort appeals to a demographic that is rarely consulted on these matters – the taxpaying wage earners who will actually be driving over the bridge and paying tolls. The reactions from them were more interesting: Many of them had no idea that they would soon be paying tolls. Not exactly the part of the deal that liberal politicians have been leading with.

The bottom line is that this project is being done with borrowed funds in a state and country that has already maxed out its credit cards. That fact demands a certain careful frugality, like any family would have to exercise under similar circumstances. When one is in debt up to one’s eyeballs, he does not buy the luxury foreign car with fancy stereo and up-to-the-minute gadgets. He buys the simple, dependable car that will get him to work and back and doesn’t put the family’s solvency in jeopardy. We expect the same from our representatives, and we will get that kind of responsibility from David Madore.


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