Columbian Adds Toll Sign Story

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Columbian picked up the same story I wrote on a few days ago regarding the toll signs that have been making waves in Vancouver this week, the brainchild of Christian Berrigan of the PCO Liberty Alliance in an effort to support county commissioner candidate David Madore, who has been fighting the light rail boondoggle for many moons as a private citizen. The signs, which raise awareness on the reality of bridge tolls soon to be instituted in our fair county if certain interests have their way, have made appearances on both sides of the river and caused the pro-light rail crowd much consternation. A few of them had threatened to notify authorities about our ‘illegal activities’, and finally a state trooper did indeed intercept our group just as we were packing up for the morning. The gist of his message was that he had no issue at all with the form and nature of the signs, but that pedestrians were not allowed near on-ramps, the daily presence of homeless people with cardboard signs notwithstanding. He advised us to stick to the sidewalks henceforth, and we happily agreed to comply as we shook hands with him and took our leave. Thus passes my brief brush with the law for the year.

The Columbian reporter also apparently spoke with the Washington DOT who had already been notified by non-fans of our signs. The WADOT representative was “very concerned about the signs, because of safety issues”. It is uncertain what safety issues remain after we agreed to stay on the sidewalk, but according to the article their concern may even elevate to the point of issuing a warning giving us 15 days to ‘come into compliance’ or risk being fined for unsafe sidewalk sign waving. The deadline for compliance could possibly come as early as two days after the election.¬† Having no desire to run afoul of the Washington DOT, we would reluctantly be compelled to abort any post-election sign-waving plans we might have had. Somewhere, I know that the friends of light rail are cheering over this victory, and that really hurts, but we will recover in time and live to fight again.

Meanwhile, the Columbian story, which came out around lunchtime today, has already been shared on facebook over 600 times, far surpassing all other political articles from this week. I guess maybe there is some interest in the toll issue around town after all. Or perhaps everyone is just wondering who the mysterious ‘unidentified man’ in the picture might be.


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