Hilarious! Stephanie Rice Attempt to Smear Madore Backfires Royally

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

In perhaps the most amusing instance of ‘reaping what one sows’ in Clark County politics since the Unity Slate was hoisted on its own petard , Columbian political beat writer Stephanie Rice made yet another attempt to cast aspersion on David Madore and the legitimacy of his ‘supporter list’ in her blog post entitled Ms. Naughtypants on Team Madore , only to find that Marisaclese Naughtypants is, in fact, a real person (I’m guessing that isn’t her real surname) and does, apparently, support the G.O.P. candidate for county commissioner. The embarrassment for Ms. Rice is amplified by the fact that to get this ‘story’ she had to comb through the list of 1300 of Madore’s supporters in the first place.

One can only imagine Rice, with beady eyes, reading name after name, looking for something, ANYTHING, that she might use to further advance her anti-Madore crusade, and then suddenly cackling with glee as she stopped on one that she was sure was a fake person (so sure, in fact, that she did ZERO research to make certain). She quickly posts it to the Columbian’s political blog, probably earning pats on the back from her anti-Madore cohorts, until suddenly, Marisa pipes up in the comments section,

“Slowest news day ever? Yes, I’m real and I’m FANTASTIC.”

As several others chime in that they know Marisa personally, the pie that Rice had intended to throw in Madore’s face is redirected back to the sender.

Reminds me of a scene from one of my favorite movies:



This is the same Stephanie Rice who wrote a piece the day after the worst County Convention in anyone’s memory blaming Ron Paul supporters for all the problems, despite the fact that they had exactly nobody in leadership positions in the party, and in fact, had been told by party leadership, “We don’t need your help” before the convention. Ms. Rice appears to have a problem following up on stories to check their veracity before printing them as fact. Hopefully, she can use this as a ‘teachable moment’ and improve on her methods.


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