Madore Toll Signs 2.0

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

In a remarkable spirit of cooperation with Washington DOT representatives, Christian Berrigan has decided to retire the old orange and black toll signs in favor of a new blue on white look. This new incarnation of signage will, if not completely meet with their approval, at least ease the minds of the WDOT folks who felt that the original version would desensitize people to stopping for actual construction. In truth, that argument always seemed rather flimsy. As a friend recently said,

“I think we can give a little more credit to the drivers who see these signs. It’s not like the next time they see warning traffic signs they’re going to be like “NOT READING IT–last time it was a political sign!!! Fool me once…”

It appears that WDOT had very little recourse if Christian had chosen to continue with the old signs until the election, due to the provision in the Washington code that he be allowed 15-days’ notice before a fine was levied. Rather than coasting through the election with the old signs (he had not even been cited), Christian took the initiative to contact them and he responded to concerns from WDOT, and even asked them for suggestions on alternate colors, which he later used to make these new signs. Congratulations to Mr. Berrigan for finding a way forward via compromise and responding to concerns. In that way, he perfectly represents the candidate he is stumping for, David Madore.


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