The Shot Heard ‘Round Clark County; Madore Prevails

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

In a coup that will make ripples in Clark County politics for several elections to come, David Madore has been elected to County Commissioner, despite the best efforts of those who stand to gain financially from the proposed multi-$billion light rail project and the local media, who seemed to have a smear piece almost daily against him. In retrospect, this constant negative media coverage of Madore may have actually helped get his name out and circulated. Articles like this trash  showed Stephanie Rice and others to be so petty and vindictive, that it actually made the mild-mannered Madore a more sympathetic character among the electorate.

The victory by Madore, in addition to creating a conservative majority on the three-man county commissioner board, will be construed as yet another mandate by the voters to curb the outrageous spending proposals that surround the new bridge plans, along with the clear rejection of Proposition 1. Congresswoman Jaime Herrera, who has been hedging on the light rail portion of the proposed bridge, has already stated that she will proceed in accordance with the Proposition 1 vote, and despite her endorsement of Madore’s pro-light-rail opponent, she cannot help but see that the consensus among voters is to rein in the spending. Her statement that, “I am a servant, and not a master, of the people I represent” was fairly said, and hopefully she lives up to it.

Madore’s victory over the left-leaning Marc Boldt, who openly solicited Democrats on his website, along with numerous losses statewide by liberal Republicans like Mitt Romney, Rob McKenna, Reagan Dunn, and Bill Finkbeiner, demonstrates that the widespread notion that Republicans must move to the left in order to be considered ‘electable’ is a canard. If there is a winning formula for Republicans in Washington, it is clearly not to run candidates who look exactly like Democrats and who readily abandon Republican principles in order to win. The Republican base must be inspired to turn out and vote, and the most inspiring candidate in Clark County was the openly conservative David Madore. A precedent has been set, and hopefully in the future, we will get more David Madores and less ‘Mainstream Republicans of Washington State’ plants.


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