Who to Blame for Romney’s Loss: Voter Apathy?

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Much is being made of the lower voter turnout for this election compared to four years ago. The numbers for the top two candidates over the past three elections are below:

2004 Bush 62 million Kerry 59 million
2008 Obama 69.5 million McCain 60 million
2012 Obama 61 million Romney 58 million

As Republicans survey the damage, there are many that are dying to blame someone…anyone for Romney’s defeat. Topping the list of likely scapegoats includes:

1. Voters who chose not to participate.

2. Ron Paul Supporters who wrote in Ron Paul.

3. Ron Paul supporters who voted for Gary Johnson.

It may be impossible to determine exactly how many voters wrote in Dr. Paul’s name, because many states don’t count write-ins for presidential elections. Gary Johnson received 1.14 million votes, far less than the 3 million-vote margin that Romney lost by. The answer here may simply be that less people were interested in voting between two rather similar candidates, so over 10 million voters from 2008 elected not to participate this time around.

To those who believe that America has turned a corner and is now a more liberal country, I would point out that Obama received 8.5 million less votes than four years ago. The increase was not to left-wing voters, but to the apathetic. The way forward for Republicans is clear: nominate a candidate who inspires people to vote. Mitt Romney was not that man.

  1. Ron says:

    Blame? This was the very predictable result of people continuing to allow the main stream media to choose our candidate for us. Romney hovered at just over 20% throughout much of the early primary because most republicans DID NOT consider him to be a conservative and were TRYING to reject him. As each of the other candidates surged up, the media swatted them down one at a time. Just like McCain in ’08, Romney was the choice of the MSM, that much was obvious… but he was also the choice of the republican establishment.

    When are conservatives going to face up to the fact that the party does not in any useful way represent them?

    I feel foolish even saying any of this… why bother? The real issue is that BOTH parties are going to continue violating our rights and spending us into economic collapse until we in mass wake up and stop them. According to what I just went through, and witnessed over the past year, I can see that probably only a collapse itself is going to do the waking up, and of course – then it is too late.

    As to voters blaming each other… let me say this: To me, “patriotism” is knowing that the freedoms and rights of your neighbor are every bit as important as your own, even to the point of fighting and dying for them. Your voice is your vote. In a free society each vote is the sacred representation of the individual that cast that vote, and should be treated accordingly. The establishment CHOSE to make no attempt to earn the votes of the Ron Paul supporters, and in fact did everything it possibly could to silence us. It was a disgrace, and I would have never dreamed that anything of the sort could ever happen in this country. It was a crime… one which, at this point has only one glaring consequence I can see… that the worst president in American history just got reelected.

  2. Amy Winton says:

    I still don’t understand why people get so upset when voters vote their conscience.
    I like to break it down in terms of food:
    For the 2012 Election, you could pick a chocolate chip cookie or a chocolate chunk cookie. For many folks that was great, chip or chunk was enough of a difference for them.
    But then there are all these OTHER folks that said, “Damn-it! I want a hot fudge sundae with whipped cream and sprinkles, and no one can take that right from me!”
    But that’s what I get for writing when I’m hungry, it gets broken down to a simple analogy that makes sense. =) lol

  3. Ron – the money quote is that the consequence is that ‘the worst president in history just got reelected’. So who is the real enemy of the Republican party, the one who tries to railroad a loser through, or the one who points out that he is, in fact, a loser? As you say, we have Obama now, not because America is more liberal than eight years ago, but because Republicans have been putting terrible candidates forward. The rise of the Liberty movement and even the Tea Party is a natural consequence of this. Hopefully the repeated failures of these RINO candidates paves the way for a true conservative next time.

  4. Ron says:

    …but the “natural consequences”, the ones we expect to see, are having an increasingly difficult time manifesting as we stray farther and farther away from a constitutional republic!

    This will not REALLY change until the majority of voters realize that there is more to choosing a candidate than just tuning in to find out who the front runner is – they need to understand that this hands the election over fully to the media.

    The path to the real truth of the matter is a pandora’s box… rather than open it, I’m going peacefully relent to your eternal optimism…. for now. (and maybe later I will have a hot fudge sunday as well)

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