Lynda Wilson Announces Bid for CCRP Chair

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

At a recent Clark County PCO meeting, Lynda Wilson  made known her intention to run for the CCRP chair. Lynda has been serving as the chair of the local chapter of We The People for the past few years, and she is also a well-known activist against light rail, and other issues of government waste such as the recent Proposition 1 which purported to raise money for park maintenance, but which was actually a backdoor attempt to raise tax revenues for the general fund.  She has testified before City Council, C-Tran, and County Commissioner meetings on many occasions. She is also one of the leading advocates for gun rights in Clark County.

Anyone meeting Lynda for the first time, as I did around the time of the county convention in March, is immediately struck by her sincerity and willingness to educate people on local issues. Although she is a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, she moves comfortably among the various factions of the Republican Party and is well-respected by all of them.

For some time now, the CCRP has been known for its inability and unwillingness to respond to new challenges, new technology, and new movements within the party. Party Chairs are well known for not responding to emails, for tabling motions until their relevance expires, and for shunning all new blood in favor of a model in which a handful of septuagenarians who have been running things for decades maintain control. Several candidates I have spoken with have told me that the technology and organization gap with the Democrats grows larger every election cycle, and that the party is next to worthless in terms of helping candidates win elections. Rather than building up the party, we have endured a generation of leaders who seek to squeeze the marrow out of it for their own benefit, until we are left with the nearly irrelevant group that we find today. Lynda brings with her an infusion of energy and new blood to a party that desperately needs both. She believes strongly in the need to restore the voice of the PCOs as representatives of the grass-roots voters. Her ability to listen and to respond to communication make her an instant improvement over her predecessors.

Other candidates who made their intentions known at the PCO meeting included:

Steve Nelson: Vice Chair

Steve makes the ideal teammate for Lynda, having already served with her on the board of We The People and in planning many related events. Having watched this dynamic duo in action for several months, the prospect of seeing them tackle the leadership of the CCRP is joy to anticipate.

James Randall: State Committee-man

Laney Maxwell: State Committee-woman
James and Laney are another well-established team that have represented the Liberty movement with grace and energy. Both have served as PCOs and have given countless hours to the party as well as to their own precincts, which was evidenced by their very high vote totals in their recent PCO elections, in the most Democrat-oriented legislative district in the county. James has done great work representing Clark County in the past on the State rules committee and as a national delegate to the National Convention, as well as his recent work on revising the out-dated by-laws. Laney has been a constant presence at sign-waving and canvassing events all over the county, as well as the chief communications and social networking point-person for the Ron Paul campaign on both sides of the river. If we were known as a highly-organized and educated group at the caucuses and convention, it was in great measure due to Laney’s efforts, among others. The efficiency and positive energy that they bring is exactly what is needed in a dying party.

Dan Barnes: Treasurer

Dan took over this position after Brandon Vick and his minions exited last summer, and he confirmed that he was running for re-election at the recent PCO meeting. He is a CPA with his own payroll business and has already served in this capacity for the 17th LD. He is known for having a sharp mind and an even sharper tongue, and I see him potentially as a great foil for a group of very positive and optimistic people. In any corporation, the accountant is the realist who brings knowledge and wisdom to the conversation and prevents the rest of the board from making emotionally-oriented decisions. I expect Dan to provide that voice of reason for this incoming group.

Lisa Ross: Secretary
Lisa recently served as national delegate for Romney in Tampa, and has logged many enthusiastic hours helping campaigns. Like Dan, she is also an accountant, and will bring great energy and competence to her job.

It is unknown if the interim chairwoman, Stephanie McClintock, is running for election as well, or if she will seek a more supporting role in the party moving forward.

In the coming days, I will attempt to get a statement from Christian Berrigan regarding the new by-laws that he and James and others have been working on. Like so many facets of the CCRP, the old by-laws have become out-dated and are in need of serious adjustment.


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