CCRP Chair Race Updated

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

I wrote a few days ago about Lynda Wilson’s intent to run for CCRP chair and her plan to facilitate more PCO involvement and activism. It is now being reported that Dan Barnes, the current interim CCRP Treasurer (and frequent visitor to this blog)  has announced his candidacy, and interim chairwoman Stephanie McClintock will join the ticket as the Vice-chair candidate. It also appears that there will be a contest in the bid to replace Barnes, as both Lisa Ross and Carolyn Crain have decided to run for Treasurer.

The decision to run for Party Chair seems to have been a sudden one, since only a few days ago, Barnes was in a meeting covering the proposed new by-laws and he confirmed at that time that he was running for a full term as Treasurer.

I believe that Lynda Wilson has the experience in leadership, the infectious personality, the ties to community leaders, and the ability to unite Republicans that makes her the natural candidate for this job. She did not ask for the job, a number of people begged her for months to do it. I also believe that she brings a strong team with her that will bring the CCRP into this century in terms of technology, ideas, ENERGY, and willingness to change and respond. One can only hope that those who are opposed to these needed changes in the party will come on board at a later date, perhaps after more demonstrations of the effectiveness of the ‘new blood’.

More on this in the coming days.


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