Missing the Party: 18 LD Chair Ballot Confusion

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Congratulations to the Establishment and their ability to provide an 11th-hour counter to the Lynda Wilson-led team running for CCRP Executive Board positions. Apparently, in addition to Dan Barnes and interim Chair Stephanie McClintock, they were able to enlist Carolyn Crain, Justin Riley, and Marla Riley, among others, in order to construct a reform-resistant slate of candidates.

I received the official list of candidates only this evening at the 5p.m. nominating deadline, in Stephanie’s own hand, and was struck by how many signs it bore of being cobbled together at the last minute. As one goes down the list, it is apparent that our Establishment friends had very little time to gather nominators, or very few people willing to nominate. The names Mary Graham, Paul Harris, Dan Barnes, and Stephanie McClintock all appear twice as nominators, and each of their three LD Chair candidates have only one nominator each. The rules state that a second nominator for LD Chairs is optional, but each of the grass roots candidates opted for two. In sending out the list to the PCOs this evening however, Stephanie masked the appearance of broader grass roots support by omitting one each from 17th LD candidate Eric Heredia (Lynda Wilson), 49th LD candidate Kathy Metzger (Mark Engleman) and 18th LD candidate Kenny Smith (John Anderson). Eric Heredia’s nominator is Lynda Wilson, and he was seconded by 17th LD Chair Kelly Stoner, but Stephanie chose only to list Stoner in the email.

While these omissions clearly did a disservice to the LD Chair candidates in question, there was an even more costly mistake made at the expense of one of Stephanie’s own. In deciding to be the sole nominator for Mary Graham, Stephanie has cost Mary a spot on the ballot for 18th LD Chair. Stephanie, who hails from the 17th LD, has no standing to nominate Graham, per RCW and the rules for the Organization meeting which state, “Legislative District Director and Legislative District Chair nominations need not be seconded but must be made by a Member from the District.” Stephanie neglected to follow her own rules, despite having to revise and email them to every PCO in Clark County on four different occasions. As a result, Mary’s nomination is invalid and cannot be included on the ballot.

Stephanie is reportedly a good volunteer, and in fairness, she was handed the interim Chair position in the absence of a more competent and experienced candidate after Brandon Vick jumped ship to run for 18th LD Representative. This latest in a series of miscues, however, should seriously call into question her ability to engage the position for which she is currently running. This, and she probably just got crossed off of Mary Graham’s Christmas list.


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