More on the Organization Meeting

Posted: December 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

What follows is a brief account of the meeting for those who were not able to attend:

The meeting on Thursday evening began with Stephanie McClintock as the temporary chair. After saying goodbye to everyone and handing out plaques to running-mate and interim Treasurer Dan Barnes and the other members of the Executive Board, she yielded to the permanent chair, Ryan Hart. Hart, the former head of the Romney campaign in Clark County, was nominated and seconded in that role by PCO Liberty Alliance members in a show of harmony and goodwill. Ryan then reciprocated the goodwill by nominating Michael Delavar, a former leader in the Ron Paul campaign, for parliamentarian. The warm fuzzies continued as the proposed CCRP bylaws, which were drafted by members of the PCO Liberty Alliance, passed with little resistance. The bylaws, among other things, provide for a stronger Central Committee and a weaker Party Chair by requiring everyone to face a vote of the PCOs before being able to vote on the Executive Board. The Chair can no longer stack the board with people who will vote a certain way, a tactic that Brandon Vick appears to have used when trying to remove the sanctions of Marc Boldt. This change is the first step in fulfilling a campaign promise by PCOLA that power would be restored to the grass roots.

The only real hiccup of the night occurred when the entry for 18th LD Chair on the ballots still had Mary Graham’s name listed as a candidate, despite the fact that she had been declared ineligible for the ballot by virtue of her nomination by Stephanie McClintock, who lives in a different district. The illegal nomination was reported well before the ballots were printed, but still Mary’s name managed to mysteriously make it onto the ballot. The PCOs from the 18th LD were instructed to strike Mary’s name from the ballot, but she decided at the last minute to run as a write-in candidate, and she was also allowed to speak on her own behalf just like the other candidates (I won a bet in relation to these events). In the end, it made little difference as Kenny Smith ran away with the election to a position that, in my opinion, he already filled to a large degree with his PCO organization efforts for the last six months.

The speeches given by each candidate were very indicative of which group they were representing. If the candidate was from the grassroots group, they talked about organizing, volunteering efforts, open communication with PCOs, and updating the party’s use of data and technology. If they hailed from the Establishment slate, they talked about how much they deserved to be in office based on years spent helping in the party, money they had raised, and how many candidates and local elected and/or party officials endorsed them. The one exception was Treasurer candidate Bryan Johnson, who made the pitch that he was not with the Establishment, despite being on their slate. He was also very convincing in relaying his experience and ability to work with others well.

The results were as follows:

Chair/ Vice-Chair:

Dan Barnes/ Stephanie McClintock 59

Lynda Wilson/ Steve Nelson 102

State Committeman:

Justin Riley 68

James Randall 93

State Committeewoman:

Carolyn Crain 52

Laney Maxwell 109


Bryan Johnson 85

Lisa Ross 76


Diane Wilkinson 51

Vicki Caldwell Kraft 108

LD 49 Chair:

Marla Riley: 24

Kathy Metzger 28

LD 18 Chair:

Dan Coursey 12

Mary Graham 10

Kenny Smith 27

LD 17 Chair

(I do not have the vote total, but the LD 17 Chair race finished with Eric Heredia ahead of Greg Noelck by two.)

The very strong showings for the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and both State Committee positions provide a clear message of support from the PCOs across the county for the new leadership, and a rejection of business as usual. At one point during the passage of the bylaws, Mary Graham stated that “We don’t need new bylaws; the old ones have served us just fine for years.” Her statement was met with stone silence, and the bylaws quickly passed with no further audible dissent.

The PCOs showed up in record numbers to vote, and they gave the Lynda Wilson-led team a decisive victory.  The theme of the night among the winners seemed to be humility, lack of ego, and a positive outlook on the future of the party. One cannot help but look forward to the positive changes to both culture and organization within the CCRP.

  1. Ron says:

    I can’t seem to pin down a word for what I am feeling after having read this, maybe there isn’t one… oh wait, there it is, I found it… “proud”. Also “happy”, and there’s a bit of a lump in my throat as well. “Skeptical” is also unfortunately in the emotional mix, but I have a talent for setting that one aside when I want to, and letting hope take over. You guys give me that hope, and it is much appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Peggy hutt says:

    This is a great inspiration that adds to what I see taking place in numerous other counties in some degree of adapting to the new season of grassroots involvement! Way to go Clark County RP!!

  3. The essence of local arrangements in determining self-governance is always about Liberty in the sense that our Founders established. The need to have an active grassroots leadership is the means by which restoration of true Constitutional Republican ideas will over come the activeness of Fabianism. I pray that the new leadership team stand strong on the Foundational Principles that they hold dear and will rally the people of Clark County with the understanding of Liberty in self-governance like that which has not been seen in 200 years. May God Bless their efforts and may they turn to Him for Wisdom.

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