CCRP Board Sends Minutes of Recent Meeting

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
Dear PCOs,

As part of our commitment to transparency and a well-informed body of PCOs, we incorporated into the new bylaws a requirement that the minutes of our regular board meetings be distributed to every PCO without requiring they specifically request them. We are pleased to provide you with the first distribution of the Board’s minutes attached to this email for your review.

This is just the first of many steps we will be taking to make the Board more transparent and accountable to the Central Committee (the PCOs), and encourage you to stay involved in leading our party.

Respectfully yours,


Lynda Wilson


Clark County Republican Party

Apparently, the Clark County Republican Party is under new management.

Today, newly-elected CCRP Secretary Vicki Caldwell Kraft, on behalf of Party Chairman Lynda Wilson, sent every PCO in Clark County the minutes of the recent Executive Board meeting, a thing unheard of in recent memory. From them, we learn that Anna Miller (Office Manager), Christian Berrigan (Operations Executive), Dick Sohn (Audio/Visual Executive) and Michael Delavar (Parliamentarian) were all appointed to the board.

According to the recently-passed CCRP bylaws, all board members must be approved by a majority of the Central Committee (the PCO body) before being allowed to vote in board meetings. I am told that Michael Delavar will not seek a vote on the board, as he believes that the Parliamentarian should only serve in an advisory capacity.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The CCRP is releasing minutes of their meetings to every PCO in the County.

The only Paul supporter among the four appointments will break precedent by not seeking a vote on the board in order to preserve the integrity of his role as advisor.

For those among the Establishment who have spent months casting the PCO Liberty Alliance campaign as a ‘veiled Ron Paul takeover’, this news must give them pause. These new leaders are less concerned about their own power and influence and more concerned about running an effective party that can win elections and fairly represent the will of the people whom they are serving.

The Lincoln Day Dinner has also been put off until April 27th, according to the minutes. This is a very significant decision on two fronts. First, the leadership clearly wanted time to put things in order before trying anything as important as this major event on the CCRP calendar. The minutes detail the formation of leadership teams for registration, auction, and promotion, all soliciting volunteers. The novelty of carefully planning events so that participants can feel like the party actually cares about them will take some getting used to.

Secondly, if rumors that the outgoing administration left the bank accounts almost empty are true, this decision would seem to necessitate an alternative source of funding in order to pay for CCRP operation costs in the interim. It will be interesting to see what this group, whose creativity and organization have already been repeatedly manifested, have up their sleeves. I am reminded of an email that the leaders of PCOLA received last summer by a firmly-entrenched member of the CCRP Establishment (who has since abandoned the party completely) which stated, among other things:

“if you and your Ron Paul “zealots” take over the party…the party will be irrelevant in the next cycle. You’ll elect your state committee members and be able to make fools of yourselves over the next two years, but when that’s over you’ll be gone–just like Spokane. You’ll raise $15,000 and be ignored by any serious Republican leaders other than perhaps minimal courtesies.”

I do not believe that most Republicans in Clark County feel this way.  The majority of the party can see that the new leaders are a group of talented and energetic conservatives who have been moved to action by a pattern of abuse and incompetence that affected not only certain groups, but the viability of the party as a whole. Still, with any grass roots movement that leads to changes in election results, there will be questions about the ability to raise funds. Simply getting people elected is not the end of the matter by a long shot, as our blue-blooded friend was quick to point out. It will be necessary for the PCOs to participate financially if they truly want to ‘Be The Party’. This is where the rubber meets the road, and where ‘critical idealists’ become ‘active leaders’. To any Liberty-minded folks reading this, consider this your Bugle Call. It is time to get involved.

  1. Me says:

    It’s a new day and a new machine. Let’s get to work!

  2. Ron says:

    Did you catch what Tom woods blogged about Iowa today (Jan 6th)? Quote:

    “The so-called moderates in the Party — in other words, the people who favor intervention both at home and abroad — are up in arms, naturally, and are pledging to shut down the party apparatus and “get rid of these Paul people,” by refusing to donate money and encouraging others to stop donating as well”


  3. It is definitely a strategy used by the moderates to scuttle the party when they are not in charge. See: Nevada.

  4. Ron says:

    Yes Nevada with it’s “shadow party”.

    Please help me out with this withholding of funds from new people thing… What’s the breakdown on where the money comes from? What percentage is actual donations from local constituents?

  5. As far as I know, the local party runs on local money. It sounds like there will be a fundraising effort among the PCOs and others in our group, much like how PCOLA solicited funds to get started. This is how the bills will be paid until they can get the Lincoln Day Dinner going. There may also be some cost-cutting measures employed. Hopefully, I will have more details to report soon.

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