Clark County Republican Party Fires Warning Shot

Posted: January 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

In a recent email to PCOs, the new CCRP Executive Board weighed in regarding the ongoing 2nd Amendment debate which has been raised to a fever pitch in the wake of recent mass shootings at schools, shopping malls, and theaters. In response to proposed gun-control legislation and a bevy of new executive orders put forth by President Obama, the board will seek to pass the following resolution at the next Central Committee meeting:


WHEREAS The Constitution of the United States is a legal document, and;

WHEREAS terms in a legal document carry a consistent definition throughout, and;

WHEREAS the term “The People” in our Constitution has identical meaning in the Preamble, the 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, the 4th Amendment, 9th Amendment and the 10th Amendment, and;

WHEREAS the right to keep and bear arms to hunt for subsistence or sport, and the right to keep and bear arms to defend one’s life and property are Natural Rights, existing prior to the Constitution, and affirmed and guaranteed by the Bill of Rights in its 9th Amendment, and;

WHEREAS the individual right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of defending ourselves from any government who might usurp any of our rights is a Natural Right existing prior to the Constitution, and affirmed and guaranteed by the Bill of Rights in its 2nd Amendment, and;

WHEREAS the Washington State Constitution states “The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired”, and;

WHEREAS any infringement or impairment of these rights is an offense to our unalienable right of Liberty, and is an assault on rights “endowed by our Creator”, all of which are affirmed and guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Washington, and;

WHEREAS, any holder of public office who would infringe upon these rights violates our Constitution and their oath of office;


The Clark County Republican Party may refuse to support and may condemn and/or recruit opposition to, any holder of public office and any candidate for public office who the Board finds has taken any action to infringe, impair or usurp our Natural and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, regardless of their party affiliation.


The text of this proposed resolution has already been included in a press release, and is expected to sail through the vote by the PCOs in February. The message is clear: Candidates, including Republicans, oppose the right to bear arms at their political peril.

Like the vast majority in the Liberty movement, I am a strong advocate of 2nd Amendment rights and am, as always, opposed to the government telling private citizens what they are allowed to own and what privileges must only be afforded to a few special people who have been deemed acceptable by the State. I find this policy to be adverse to the ideas of freedom that our country was founded upon. It also seems reasonable to assume that the more firearms are regulated and controlled, the easier it will be for the populace to also be controlled.

On another level, however, I confess that it is strange to me that conservatives in general can watch the systematic robbing of their country via the Fed and inflation, massive corruption in the banking industry and well-documented collusion among elected officials on both sides of the aisle, TSA agents molesting innocent passengers before they board flights, and parabolic increases in taxes and spending that lead to higher and higher costs of living and increasing slavery to debt among our populace…all of these things being supported by Republican elected officials, and the issue that finally incites them to speak out against other Republicans with implied threats to oppose them in primaries is the prospect of someone taking away their right to buy an AR-15. I guess my question is, if Jaime Herrera comes out with a pro-AR-15 stance, does this mean that her votes in favor of wire-tapping and detaining American citizens indefinitely, taxing and spending us over the fiscal cliff, and borrowing us all into slavery are tolerable? I guess I don’t see the point in being the most well-armed nation ever to go bankrupt. I’m also not quite sure how much good an AR-15 will do if the well-funded Department of Homeland Security shows up at your house with a SWAT team carrying submachine guns and their cache of hollow-point bullets . It seems like demanding candidates to oppose legislation like the Patriot Act that allows SWAT teams at people’s houses in the first place would be the more effective approach.

In summary, I am in favor of this resolution, but I would like to see more…a lot more in terms of personal liberty and economic freedom from our party. I hope that this is only an auspicious beginning to a long list of strong resolutions.

  1. Damon says:

    In theory since all power resides bottom up (grassroots) cannot Clark County declare some State and Federal laws illegal??

    • In theory, I suppose the grassroots can resist any kind of tyranny, one way or another. I have often wondered what would happen if Obama issued unconstitutional executive orders, and people just said, “No”.

  2. If you haven’t seen this before, check this video out:

  3. Damon says:

    If the Liberty minded are taking over in Clark County, will they not have the ability to choose a Freedom loving County Commissioner and Freedom Loving Sheriff? Are there any other positions within the county that need to be held by Freedom lovers to stop enforcing thousands of illegal laws?

  4. Ron says:

    I love this conversation… I do not love that we have to be having it – but yes, the bulk of this is in the hands of the people. Unjust laws can and will be passed… but it is the responsibility of the people to nullify them… it is our duty. The bill of rights is by no means perfect – the expression of truths that come from our hearts and souls can probably never be put perfectly into words… The bill of rights is a declaration of what we say we are entitled to by default simply by existing, “God given” if you will. They are expressed in general and no doubt, imperfectly in the bill of rights. As long as Americans stay awake to the philosophical nature of it… the constitution WILL work FOR us, without the need to nitpick the specifics.

    As far as the second amendment… You absolutely have the right to bear arms… it doesn’t even necessarily have to be IN the list. You have the right. But… who is ultimately responsible that it is protected, or any other right for that matter… it always comes back to the individual. Sure – if we can get our reps and sheriffs to uphold their oaths and HELP us protect them – great! Really though, it’s on us.

  5. Ron says:

    Umm… I have a confession to make. I did not initially read this properly. I didn’t recognize it for what it was. CCRP is more cutting edge than I thought.

    When I recently heard about “a resolution” passed by the committee regarding consequences for violations of the second amendment… then tracked down, and read the resolution – I did not connect the dots. I did not realize I had already seen it here. I apologize. I really must have been in a hurry that day.

    Specifically what is written at the end:

    “THEREFORE, be it RESOLVED that:The Clark County Republican Party may refuse to support and may condemn and/or recruit opposition to, any holder of public office and any candidate for public office who the Board finds has taken any action to infringe, impair or usurp our Natural and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, regardless of their party affiliation”.

    I am overwhelmed.

    This was basically the biggest step toward THE solution that I have ever seen. This approach needs to become COMPLETELY understood, and embraced. This needs to spread “throughout the land”. My passion for restoration gets me pretty worked up at times, but I really don’t think I’m blowing this out of proportion. This IS the way. Clark County nailed it! I hope, as you said in conclusion, that this WAS just the beginning.

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