Columbian Continues ‘Operation Madore Nitpick’

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

In a continuation of the daily stalking that we witnessed during David Madore’s campaign for County Commissioner, the Columbian is now attempting to set the record for most articles dealing with the same elected official in newspaper history. This time, the all-consuming news of the day is that Madore has dared to bring in his former campaign manager, Anna Miller, as his executive assistant on his own dime, rather than putting her on the public dole. The objections raised are like something out of a cartoon. Democrat Commissioner Steve Stuart, only too happy to join in, has this to say about Miller’s presence in Madore’s office:

“You have an independent employee,” Stuart said. “If you have that person working in a public building, they must fulfill a public purpose if they are using a public resource.”

So, the fact that Anna is a taxpayer and voter in Clark County and that she is providing support for a County Commissioner so that he can address more issues is not enough to justify her presence in a ‘public building’? What does ‘public resource’ mean in this context? Does it mean ‘taxpayer funded, but controlled by Steve Stuart and others who are already well-paid from taxpayer funds’? Are members of the public allowed to work, at the behest of an elected official, in a ‘public building’ that they helped to fund? If not, perhaps we should change the name of these facilities, from ‘public’ to something else.

“Stuart also said he is concerned by Miller’s robust history as a member of the Republican party.

“I do have significant issues with politicizing an apolitical staff,” Stuart said. “I couldn’t tell you if anyone (in our office) is a Democrat or a Republican, and I don’t care.”

So now Anna Miller is an objectionable choice as an executive assistant because she has served in a similar capacity for both Madore, and in her local political party? Presumably, she would be more acceptable if she had stayed home and watched soap operas for the last 15 years instead of getting involved? Apparently, Stuart would rather surround himself with apathetic voters in order to preserve the integrity of his office. Are there any bets on how many in Stuart’s office actually vote Democrat compared to the average citizen in Clark County? I think I’ll take the over on that one, with apologies to Stuart and his claims of ignorance on that subject.

The idea that the practice of employing people who worked on one’s campaign is somehow new is also a joke. President Obama and his wife have a staff littered with former campaign workers who are paid on the public dime, but who are accountable to no one but the Obamas.

This should probably not bother me as much as it does, but if the citizenry works to get a man elected in order to change the wasteful habits of government, only to be told that these habits are institutionalized for eternity, this gets to the heart of our problem with government in general. Men like Madore are facing ridicule and daily character assassination in order to make our government more efficient and cost-effective. To many, including myself, he is a hero for undertaking this task. Godspeed, Mr. Madore.


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