Liz Pike Clarifies Safer Schools Act

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

This morning, in response to criticism from Paul Harris at yesterday’s CCRP Central Committee Meeting, Liz Pike distributed the following email to all PCOs:

Dear Clark County PCOs:

I am writing to clarify details contained in a bill I introduced, House Bill 1788 – the Safer Schools Act of 2013. Recent massacres at “gun free zones” in public schools prompted me to start a broad community discussion about how we can make our schools more safe in Washington. I believe in government that’s closest to the people. Elected school boards are without a doubt – government closest to the people. This bill gives them the authority to allow certain permanent employees the opportunity to carry a concealed firearm onto school grounds.

Here is a link to the full bill:

The following colleagues helped craft the legislation and also co-sponsored the bill:

Rep. Matt Shea
Rep. Jason Overstreet
Rep. Dave Taylor
Rep. Elizabeth Scott
Rep. Brad Klippert

Here is an overview of the Safer Schools Act of 2103:

• Bipartisan legislation allows school boards more options for school safety

• Allows coordination between School Administration and local law enforcement officials.

• Hundreds of parents, teachers and School Board members support my idea.

• School boards would adopt written policies within the guidelines of the bill.

• Allows qualified permanent school employees to enter a physical training program created by the Criminal Justice Training Commission. (CJTC)

• CJTC trains every law enforcement officer in the State of Washington.

• Liberals hate this bill because it’s perfect.
The person who entered Sandy Hook Elementary School last December broke at least 8 laws when he committed those terrible crimes. One more law on the books would not have stopped him. Criminals intent on harming innocent victims do not care about gun laws. For this reason, I am morally opposed to any sort of restriction on firearms. When government restricts second amendment rights of citizens, it just means that the bad guys are the only ones with the guns. US crime statistics have shown that as the number of concealed carry permits rise in each state, violent gun crime goes down in those states.

When gun violence occurs in a public school, who is the first person called to the gun free zone? Answer: a cop with a big gun. Who is the second person called? A preacher to conduct a memorial service. The two very things not allowed in public schools, guns and prayers, are the first responders when gun violence occurs.

Rep. Pederson, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, is not willing to move this legislation out of his committee. The deadline for him to hold a public hearing and committee vote on this bill is this Friday, Feb. 22nd. There is only a limited amount of time for legislation to pass through the process and we are near the end of that cycle. If we don’t come up with a better solution to ensure the safety of our children and school teachers, I will introduce this bill again next year because I am looking for solutions.
Lastly, my overall goal with this legislation was to elevate the community discussion to identify ways to make our schools more safe for our children.

I am happy to address any specific questions you may have. Thanks!

Liz Pike
WA State Representative, District 18
Protecting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Cell (360) 281-8720
Personal Email:
Legislative Email:

Liz Pike
WA State Representative


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