Establishment Baseball: Closing Down Conventions

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yesterday the WSRP State Committee voted 55-38 to cancel the 2014 State GOP convention, and replace it with a ‘candidate and party leadership training event’, apparently to be held somewhere in Eastern Washington. The reasons given ranged from “too expensive” to “too few participants”. The convention will presumably resume in 2016 in order to allow the delegates party leaders to choose the nominee for President. Oh, and hopefully everyone likes the 2012 platform, because it won’t be changed until 2016.

Admittedly, my first reaction was akin to that of Doug Parris . It feels like yet another attempt to stifle participation by energized and growing minorities like the Liberty movement and preserve leadership for the likes of Kirby Wilbur and his friends. It was not surprising to find that King County GOP chair Lori Sotelo, she of the ‘Ron Paul insurance’ fame, was the one who introduced this measure. It seemed, after all, rather apropos for the woman who closed down a legislative district caucus to quell a Liberty uprising to now close down the off-year convention, possibly for similar reasons.

As I considered this further though, I realized that the state party’s abdication of its leadership has actually opened the door for county parties to assert themselves in new and creative ways. Like a perpetually drunken father, the WSRP has given up its position in the family structure and allowed other entities to take its place. Other entities, like…say…the Clark County Republican party. Fresh off its resoundingĀ  success at the recent Lincoln Day gala, the CCRP may be just the group that could replace an aborted state convention with an event designed to appeal to a multiple-county audience.

Kind of brings a new perspective on the phrase ‘Be the Party’, doesn’t it?


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