Christian Berrigan to Run for WSRP Chair

Posted: August 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

After some deliberation, Christian Berrigan confirmed to me this evening that he will announce his candidacy for Washington State Republican Party chairman tomorrow. As the Operations Director of the Clark County Republican Party, Christian has been working full time on crunching data, targeting voters, and door-knocking for both the Frank Decker (Vancouver) and Lyle Lamb (Battle Ground) City Council primary campaigns. The races culminated in primary victories for each of these grass roots candidates, who have gone from relative unknowns in the political sphere to successfully winning their primaries on the first attempt.

Frank Decker writes:

I have come to know Christian Berrigan over the past several months and I can say without hesitation and with all sincerity that he is a man of high character and unbelievable intelligence. I am running for a political position for the first time in my life (Vancouver City Council). Christian’s insight, advice, and strategic mind have been invaluable to my campaign. He has played a significant role in helping to propel me–someone who was literally a complete unknown 3 months ago–to a Primary victory, defeating a 16-year incumbent.

I believe that Christian has the leadership ability, the strategic thinking capability, and the positive personality to bring the Washington State Republican Party not only together in a unified way that has never been seen, but also into the 21st century without compromising our core conservative values. I fully support him for the position of Washington State Chair and I am confident that he will be exactly what our party desperately needs.

And from Lyle Lamb:

I couldn’t have gotten this far without the help of a number of really great people. One of those is Christian Berrigan. It’s been awesome having his assistance throughout this primary. He has such enthusiasm for liberty and for the elective process! His dedication was manifest in late nights he put in generating targeted walk lists, his constant communication with me, his willingness to knock on the doors of strangers in a town he doesn’t even reside in, and his ever present creative process. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone with as much drive and determination, coupled with an ability to bring the power of technology to bear in such a comprehensive way. I think that Christian’s ability to communicate, generate ideas, lead people, bridge political divides, and burn the midnight oil would make him an excellent chair of the Washington State Republican Party. As happens in all political arenas, it’s time for change, and I sincerely believe that Christian is the necessary change-agent.

Many who are not from Clark County and have not witnessed the revolution within the party over the past 18 months as we moved from an exclusionary and fractured establishment-centered environment to a vibrant organization capable of generating candidates and the energetic volunteers and funding necessary to support them. I was fortunate enough to have a front row seat, and have done my best to pass it on as it unfolded via this blog. My conclusion after watching Christian in action over that time is that his message, energy and talent is just what is needed in a party that has been on life-support ever since November’s anemic showing in the elections.

Clark County State Committeewoman Laney Maxwell says:

I don’t know if every idea Christian Berrigan has is genius, or just the ones he says out loud, but the quickest way I know to make something successful is to put Christian Berrigan in charge of it. He has clever political strategies for every level–national, state, and county–he even brought media attention to the Clark County PCO races while bringing all the Republican factions together. In the interest of finally turning Washington State red, I fully endorse and look forward to a Christian Berrigan Chairmanship.

18th Legislative District Chairman Kenny Smith writes of Christian:

 [He is] a great motivational force overflowing with ideas to advance the party. Christian would get this party moving, that is for sure. Whether people could keep up with him is the question. I would love to give it a try.

Recurring themes in everyone I spoke to about Christian were his tireless work ethic, his ability to clearly articulate the conservative message, and especially, his endless stream of ideas and innovations. He is a 21st Century candidate, and this party needs him now.


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