Clark County RLC Endorses Berrigan; State RLC Endorses Walsh

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

I just received this transmission from the Secretary of the Washington Republican Liberty Caucus:

Dear RLC Member,

The WA state RLC board has decided to endorse Jim Walsh of Grays Harbor for WSRP Chair. The vote was nearly unanimous with 8 cast in favor of Jim with one abstention. We had four candidates address the WA State RLC BOD meeting on Sunday: Susan Hutchison, Luanne Van Werven, Christian Berrigan, and Jim Walsh. To be absolutely honest, Christian was very impressive, and it was a toss up between Christian and Jim for many of our BOD members up until the final vote. All of us were extremely impressed with his energy, drive, as well as his accomplishments in reforming the Clark County GOP. Ultimately, it came down to who best represented the liberty values of the WA State RLC. In addition to his work in Grays Harbor, Jim authored the book “Liberty in Troubled Times” (which is available on Amazon if you care to get a copy) which does a great job of describing how liberty minded activists in both parties are different from their more mainstream counterparts.
As we extend our congratulations to Jim Walsh, we want to thank to each of the candidates who came out and wish each the best of luck in their race for WSRP Chair.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

In Liberty,

Bill Cassill
WA State RLC

Some very nice words about all of the accomplishments that Christian Berrigan has logged, but in the end, they chose Jim Walsh. The main argument for choosing Walsh over Berrigan appears to be that Walsh wrote a book. Obviously, they have never seen any of Christian’s emails.

Meanwhile, the Clark County Republican Liberty Caucus voted unanimously on Monday to endorse Christian Berrigan for Washington State Republican Chairman. Members gave Berrigan rave reviews for work he has done over the last 18 months on the Presidential cycle, PCO elections, State Legislature and County Commissioner races, bylaws changes for the Clark County Republican party, City Council races, and his tremendous work as Operations Director with fundraising and data development. In addition, Christian has now been endorsed by State Senator Don Benton, State Representative Liz Pike, former CCRP chair Anna Miller, current CCRP chair Lynda Wilson, and the Washington Citizens for a Responsible Government.

“Christian Berrigan is one of the smartest and most successful grass roots strategists I have ever worked with. If our goal is to change the political dynamic to elect exceptional Republican leaders across Washington State, Mr. Berrigan is the person for the job.”
– Representative Liz Pike, 18th District

“Christian Berrigan is a tireless worker for the conservative cause. He helped my re-election effort immensely. Having been the State party chairman, I can assure you he has the skills, drive and intelligence to do the job extremely well.”
-Senator Don Benton, Deputy Majority Leader

Allow me to point out just a couple of things about the Benton endorsement. As Kirby Wilbur was leaving, this is how he summed up his accomplishments:

Chairman Wilbur was elected to his first term in January 2011. Under his leadership, Washington elected the only statewide Republican official on the west coast in Secretary of State Kim Wyman, and picked up 1 seat in both the State Senate and the State House in 2012. In late 2012, early 2013, two Democrats joined with our Republican Senators to create the Majority Coalition Caucus, thus giving Republicans a majority in at least one chamber of the Legislature for the first time since 2004. Chairman Wilbur was reelected to a second term in January 2013.

So Kirby hangs his hat on the fact that under his watch, Republicans picked up one seat in the Senate. And the last Senator to win his race? Don Benton, on Dec 5th by 74 votes. Kirby’s other crowning achievement was getting two Democrats to join with Republicans and form a majority in the Senate. Was Kirby really the one who accomplished this? Or was it actually that same Senator Benton and a few of his colleagues? So if Senator Benton, a former WSRP chair himself, credits Berrigan with helping him get re-elected and is confident enough in Christian’s qualification to publicly endorse him, I’m thinking that might be kind of a big deal.

Now if Christian can only write a book between now and the 24th, maybe he can get those eight board members from the RLCWA behind him too.

Edit: (Apparently, after the email was sent to everyone, Christian did receive one dissenting vote.)

  1. R. Clayton Strang says:

    How long until the RLCWA decides to punish the Clark Co. RLC?

  2. Punish? Like withholding federal funding or something?

  3. R. Clayton Strang says:

    As in asking for a retraction and apology or threaten with the revocation of the county charter, like they threatened SnoCo with some months ago.

  4. I heard something about that, but I think it came from the national outfit rather than Washington State. I have no speculation on this possibility, nor do I particularly care. Our grassroots work here has never been a function of any national organization. We even told the national Paul campaign to stand down last year while we did the PCO Liberty Alliance. The grass roots is always in charge.

  5. Micah Dilts says:

    I think that one reason for choosing Walsh over Berrigan is that Walsh is already well known on the state committee and has people pledged to vote for him, and therefore already has a running start on Berrigan.

  6. Well, thanks for at least offering a reason, Micah. I imagine Luanne has the same advantage, but that doesn’t make her a better candidate. The Republican party needs a compelling voice, one with conviction, energy, ingenuity, and a plan. After watching the videos on each candidate, it seems clear which person fits that bill.

    I guess we’ll see how it all pans out.

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