Lynda Wilson Running for 17th LD State Rep; Resigns as Clark County Republican Chairwoman

Posted: January 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

On the heels of Lynda Wilson’s recent announcement of her intention to run for the state legislature in the 17th Legislative District comes today’s public statement that she will be stepping down as Clark County Republican Party Chairwoman at the end of the month. She had originally intended to fill both roles, chairwoman and candidate, for the remainder of her term, but she is now putting all of her efforts into winning the state rep seat.

Good decision, in this writer’s humble opinion. Looking around the county, the two areas of greatest focus for Republicans would likely be the 17th LD Rep position and the Clark County Commissioner position currently occupied by political lifer Steve Stuart. In choosing to limit her efforts solely to the 17th LD race, Lynda is also taking personal responsibility to accomplish what the party would have had much of their focus on anyway. Instead of a supporting role, she has chosen to move to the front lines.

Lynda’s accomplishments during her tenure as CCRP chairwoman have been well documented on this blog, but here is a recap:

1. She managed to unite a large body of Republicans in Clark County under one banner, including a large swell of Liberty-oriented volunteers who had been shut out from participation in former days. Her honesty and grace in dealings with the new blood that was manifested in the wake of the PCO Liberty Alliance campaign will always be remembered and appreciated. She is one of the few politicians who can honestly claim to be a ‘uniter’ rather than a ‘divider’.

2. She inherited a county organization that was essentially broke, and of very little use to candidates, and transformed it into a financially healthy organization, flush with cash and ready and willing to help candidates. One of the criticisms that was repeatedly manifested in the months leading up to the organization meeting in 2012 was that the rabble ought not to try to get involved in the party, because they don’t know how to raise money or command respect among the Important People Who Matter. One prominent member of the old guard even wrote to me that if we managed to win a majority of the board, we  would only raise about $15,000 and be gone in two years. In retrospect, this argument has been made to look utterly ridiculous.

3. Under the leadership of Lynda Wilson and her team, PCO involvement has been at an all-time high. Not only have more precincts had representation in the CCRP Central Committee, but more candidates have been helped from PCOs than ever before. Shortly after the elections last November, I attended a gathering of most of the Republican candidates in the last election, and to a man, the message was the same: they had never seen the support from the Republican party that they saw this cycle.

And so Lynda now takes her experiences as an effective leader, a tireless worker, and a great galvanizer of people, and brings them to a new role, that of candidate for state legislature. As a voter in the 17th LD, I am very excited about the prospect of having representation in Olympia such as I know she would provide, and quite frankly, I don’t often get excited about people running for office. Rather than hold my nose and pick the least objectionable as I seem to find myself doing every November, this time I will be looking forward to checking her box.

Some other responses to Lynda’s eminent departure:

“Desiring new leadership for the Clark County Republican Party, in May 2012 some friends and I began to organize the election of a majority of Precinct Committee Officers who also shared our vision.   In December of 2012 they were faced with choosing who that leader would be.  Lynda Wilson was the right person at the right place at the right time, and she made the decision an easy one.  With an admirable combination of strongly held principles and widely held respect, she was able to steer the party in new directions and set fundraising records — all while continuing to honor the legacy and hard work of those who had come before her.  I know she will be missed by all my fellow board members.  But the State Legislature is in dire need of someone who will work to restore Liberty, Opportunity and Trust to the people of Washington State.  Lynda Wilson is just the person to take on that task.  The 17th Legislative District will now have an opportunity to elect an extraordinary representative of the people.  I encourage all who share my respect for her to contact her campaign and offer their support.”

-Christian Berrigan, CCRP Operations Director

“I have worked alongside Lynda for almost five years as we fought hard to restore and protect the people’s individual rights and liberties in southwest Washington. I’ve seen firsthand her ability to come up with real world solutions in efficient and effective ways. Through it all, she has shown a consistency in her character to always do what is right rather than follow the path of expedience. I feel that she will be a strong advocate for the people of the 17th Legislative District and I strongly urge that all my friends, family, and associates support Lynda Wilson in this great endeavor.”

-Steven Nelson, CCRP Vice-Chairman


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