Stephanie Rice Attempts to Smear David Madore for Being a Taxpayer Advocate

Posted: January 25, 2014 in Uncategorized


Yet again demonstrating the disconnect between the local media and voters in Clark County, Columbian liberal hack reporter Stephanie Rice recently offered up
this latest attempt to publicly mock County Commissioner David Madore.

A Wednesday discussion on allowing smaller minimum lot sizes in certain agricultural and forest zones included a lesson on property taxes for Clark County Commissioners Tom Mielke and David Madore, both of whom questioned why property taxes would increase even if property owners didn’t decide to split up their land.

What was Madore’s offense this time? Well, it seems that while having a discussion with County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick regarding the likely tax implications of changing zoning on certain rural properties, Madore dared to ask how rising property taxes for people who didn’t plan to split up their land might be avoided. Many of these folks moved out to the rural areas in the first place because they could no longer afford the property taxes and housing costs in the city. David was elected as a representative of the taxpayers, and in doing his job, he incurred the wrath of the big-government shills at the Columbian.

Van Nortwick’s own characterization of the exchange after reading Rice’s spin job:

Wow, talk about taking a briefing to the Commissioners where we were discussing potential options and they were asking clarifying questions on a range of questions. The article doesn’t have the same feel as I had sitting across from Tom and David answering their questions which was why they had the meeting and invited me to begin with.

Of course, the Columbian’s amen corner in the comments section dutifully continues the droning on about how uninformed David is, he who started his own business from scratch that employs over 100 people in Clark County. When one has read these comments enough times, it becomes clear that it is the same five or six people every time, and that they are there as low-level Democrat/Public Union operatives, not as reasonable representatives of the voting, tax-paying public.

It never ceases to amaze me how the left presents themselves as champions for the poor and working classes, while also demanding that they pay higher taxes simply for existing on a piece of property, or crossing a bridge to go to work, or filling up their gas tank. All of these measures, property taxes, bridge tolls, and the highest gas taxes in the country, affect the poor more than the rich as they cut into poor people’s subsistence income while only being a small part of the excess of the wealthy. Jesus explained this principle in the story of the widow’s mite . I have no doubt that David Madore, a committed Christian has read and been influenced by this story. He is doing exactly what the voters commissioned him to do – to be our advocate against runaway government taxing and spending.


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