Kenny Smith to Run for CCRP Chairman

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Uncategorized
Kenny Smith poses with newly-minted battle Ground City Councilman, Lyle Lamb

Kenny Smith (left) poses with newly-elected Battle Ground city councilman Lyle Lamb


A few weeks ago, it was announced that Lynda Wilson would step down today as Chairwoman of the Clark County Republican Party in order to focus her attention on a run for 17th LD State Representative. Per the party’s bylaws, Vice-Chairman Steve Nelson becomes the chairman and a special meeting must be called in order to fill the new opening at Vice-Chair. Apparently, due to circumstances involving work, family, and not being able to fit in a full-time, unpaid volunteer position into an already busy life, Steve will not be serving as chairman. It is an unfortunate result of the new bylaws that instead of losing only the chairman, there will now be two vacancies at the head of the Executive board that will have to be filled at the meeting on February 11th.

The sudden necessity for a new chairman and vice-chairman, who must be of opposite genders per RCW 29A.80.030 (although this law may technically only apply to the bi-annual Organization meetings), has caused a lot of candidate searching within the local party ranks. Finding a person who is both qualified to continue the work begun by Wilson in spearheading a resurgent county party, and available for hours upon hours of volunteer work can be a difficult task. Finding one who presents a measured and wise face for the party is even more challenging. Thankfully, a man who has the admiration and respect of many, including this writer, has agreed to run.

Kenny Smith, who currently serves as the Republican 18th Legislative District Chairman, is something of a rarity in politics. He is thoughtful, wise, slow to speak, and completely lacking in ego or pretension. His greatest enjoyment is enabling others to grow in experience and abilities. He has probably spent more time with PCOs than anyone in Clark County, teaching, organizing, and lending his wisdom and experience. He is a one of the best human beings I know, in an arena that often feels bereft of human beings. Kenny Smith will make the Clark County Republican party better. I could wish that the national Republican party was led by more people like Kenny Smith, rather than the egomaniacal sociopaths that are currently in charge, who stamp out the grass roots wherever they find them.

It is unknown at this time if other candidates will enter the race for chairman, or who the vice-chair candidate will be (several names are being mentioned, but nobody has been nominated to date). More info will be posted here as it is made public.


  1. Lyle Lamb says:

    I can’t say enough good things about Kenny! His vision, dedication to the preservation of liberty, intelligence, loyalty, patience, and work ethic make for a superior candidate to chair the Clark County Republican Party. His work as the LD18 chair has borne tremendous fruit and mobilized PCOs like never before. I think the Party owes it to itself to elect a new chair that has a proven track record of fighting on the front lines to preserve liberty and gathering people toward a common goal. I have no doubt Kenny Smith will continue the great work begun under Lynda Wilson’s leadership.

  2. Ken Peterson says:

    I have known Kenny Smith for several years when I was a PCO and had the opportunity to go to County and State Conventions with him. I agree he would be a great choice for the CCRP.

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