Were Fraudulent Clark County PCO Applications Filed by a WSRP Operative?

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

It appears that a Washington State Republican Party operative has been caught filing at least 20 online PCO applications on behalf of Clark County residents, some of whom had no intention of filing and gave no permission to use their names. Richard ‘Apollo’ Fuhriman, a lawyer and former Bothell City Council candidate who is no stranger to filing for office from outside of his voting district has apparently expanded his operations to include PCO filings way down here in Clark County. On a day when the local chatter among establishment sympathizers has been on an email sent by Christian Berrigan urging PCO candidates to call their opponents in order to assess their level of enthusiasm, the real news story is that there was a very good reason for making those phone calls, namely, that several of those candidates never wanted to file in the first place.

Our search began with a funny message from a PCO who had never shown up for a meeting in two years who we questioned regarding whether or not she was serious about running again. The fact that this perpetually-absent PCO had filed on the first day possible, along with a number of other ‘Spectator PCOs’ had made us wonder why they were so prompt in refiling. In following up with her, she told us that she had never filed, nor wanted to file. What follows is the chronology of events that led to the discovery of what may be election fraud.

* (PCO 1) alerted us that she had sent an email last week stating that she did not want to file. She stated that she never gave anyone permission to file for her. She provided an email from someone named ‘Apollo’ (later traced to King County) who had solicited her application for PCO.

* The email address for ‘Apollo’, votegop@live.com, was used as the file email address for another PCO candidate (PCO2). That email still appears in the PCO rolls that can be found here . Upon being called by the elections office, PCO2 indicated that he had given permission to ‘Apollo’ to file because he wasn’t technically savvy enough to do it himself. He also mentioned that Ryan Hart, Jaime Herrera’s District Director and former CCRP Chairman, had also been involved with Apollo’s efforts.

*Christian Berrigan requested that the elections division determine if IP logs are available and he requested those logs. That request is pending.

*Elections emailed Apollo, and he returned their call. According to elections division, Apollo admitted that he had filed around 20 applications online and that he remembered filing for PCO1 specifically. He apologized profusely for mistakenly entering her information without permission.

*Christian Berrigan requested a data file of all PCO filings, including whether or not they were paper or online applications, and including the time stamp for each application.

*Upon receipt of that file, Christian sorted it by time stamp and discovered a series of PCO applications entered online within 1-2 minutes of each other in a regular sequence. These names all happened to be associated with prior leadership in the CCRP, including Stephanie McClintock, Mary Graham, Dan Barnes, Marc Boldt, and Mike Gaston, nearly all of whom have been absent from every meeting not having to do with electing a new board in the last two years. The elapsed time of the sequence clearly indicated that the names were entered in a batch. This means that none of these candidates were able to individually affirm or swear the required oath in the final step of the application process.

*Upon returning to the elections division, we were informed that another PCO (PCO3) in that sequence had written an angry email demanding any and all information associated with his application, which he had not authorized anyone to file. He had never told anyone he wanted to be a PCO, and was irritated that he was forced to withdraw in order not to be on the ballot. His information request is still pending.

*Christian Berrigan then began calling candidates in the sequence to verify that they had given permission to a third party to file on their behalf. The first name on the list, (PCO4) stated that he was upset that the position had been misrepresented to him. When Christian asked him if he had given anyone permission to file for him, he said no. He had merely inquired as to the particulars of the position months earlier and decided not to run. He learned that he had been filed when he received the confirmation from the County Elections Office.

*Further calls in the sequence indicated that several others had been asked by Mary Graham if they wanted to be a PCO, they had responded in the affirmative, and Mary told them, “I’ll take care of it”. No further action was taken on the part of the individual candidates, including no filling out of the oath to uphold the Constitution, which is a requirement at the end of every Declaration of Candidacy.

*Apollo called the Elections Division again, and indicated that the online filing he had done in Clark County was with names provided to him by Mary Graham, including PCO1, who he mentioned by name. PCOs 3 and 4 were in the same sequence that Apollo admitted entering. Ryan Hart’s name was not mentioned.

In conclusion, it appears that elements of the WSRP collaborated with local Establishment operatives in an attempt to defeat or undermine the rise of the conservative grassroots activists that have been manifested over the last two years. In so doing, they filed applications for several people without their permission, bypassed the oath and affirmation process for approximately 20 or more PCO candidates in Clark County, and generally violated the good faith that is supposed to govern the online filing process. Cathie Garber, Clark County Elections Supervisor, intends to change the process, which may include requiring a credit card payment of $1 to file online in order to tie an identification to each filing. She concludes, “This is abuse of the system, and we can’t have that.”

*Edit* To correct an earlier mistake, only the legislature can change the process by which online filings are governed. Ms. Garber suggested a possible alteration, to charge a $1 fee for online PCO filings.

  1. Frank Decker says:

    Delete that, Lew, you arrogant _____.

  2. […] Poletti is a Clark County Republican Activist who blogs at CalledUntoLiberty. TheReaganWing cross-posts this article by permission, with […]

  3. CarolynCrain says:

    Accusations of fraud are serious things. If there is fraud and that is still a big if then it would be prosecuted by law. No prosecution… no fraud. The names in this article are good respectable people who would not break the law.

    • Tom Sharples says:

      Carolyn most cases of fraud are never prosecuted. And even the County Elections Supervisor reportedly said “This is abuse of the system, and we can’t have that.”

      I don’t have personal knowledge other than the fact that one of the guys who works for me (also a PCO) told me a couple of days ago that he had gotten a call from “Apollo” which he thought was very fishy. But if this story is true, then “Apollo” and any other perpetrators are not “good people.” whether anyone goes after them for fraud or not.

    • Chris Welton says:

      They broke the law.

      The last step in the filing is a verification, under penalty of perjury, that you are who you say you are, and that you swear to uphold the laws and Constitutions of Washington State and the United States.

      You know this.

      Also, your statement “No prosecution… no fraud.” is the most laughably blatant lie I have read on the internet in a long time.

      You really think it’s only illegal if you get caught?

  4. Kerry H says:

    Well, although this is disappointing and disturbing… I wonder if a peep would be made if the fraud had happened on the D side?

  5. Frank Decker says:

    So, Carolyn, your telling us that your litmus test for “fraud” is if charges are filed? Good grief, did you even read the content of this post? And you want to lecture me on indefensible positions? Give me a friggin break.

  6. Solo says:

    I witnessed fraud in my precinct, it happens all the time!, In the case that I witnessed, a father and son, Jr. & Sr., used the boy (under 18 I found out) to get the votes to become a delegate. The boy did a little speech claiming he was for Ron Paul and was voted in quickly, because of his age and the fact he supported Dr. Paul. At convention the father took his place and voted “unity”. I happened to be in the back of the room where the boy was, and I asked him why he wasn’t participating, he told me he wasn’t 18. I did take photos of the documents at caucus and I could tell the mother was worried about it, which I thought was odd. They will do anything to stop the liberty movement.

  7. There are only two people mentioned in the article who may to be perpetrators of improper and/or fraudulent filing of apps. That would be the person who filled out the applications online in batches, bypassing the oaths of the applicants, and the person who provided him with names of people who had never given their permission nor even desired to file for PCO. It appears that Apollo has removed his facebook page. It was there yesterday.

  8. Frank Decker says:

    I have my own personal experience with the fraud committed by the old guard establishment from the same time period, Solo. In fact, it is for that reason that I became a PCO in the first place.

    I showed up to my caucus location (Wy’East Middle School) to find that my precinct did not have a PCO. So, as a group we had to elect a temporary one right there on the spot in order to proceed. We did that. The person chosen was a Romney supporter.

    We then proceeded by electing to have each person give a short speech on why they were supporting their candidate, followed by a secret ballot vote. I was there to caucus for Ron Paul, as were two other people. The rest were mostly Romney supporters, with a few Santorum folks. We had spots for 8 county delegates and 8 alternates.

    After the votes were counted and tallied, all 8 county delegate spots went to Romney supporters, all of them very elderly. I won the first alternate spot. The other two Paul supporters won the 5th and 8th alternate spots. I left the caucus feeling good about my chances of getting seated at the county convention.

    Time went on and I never heard anything from anyone about times to show up, processes for alternates, etc. So I started making inquires. Turns out that on the official form from the caucus, the #1, #5, and #8 alternate positions were left completely blank! No names. All other spots filled in with names. At that point, of course, I started to go ballistic. I contacted the state chair for the Paul campaign (Katja Delavar), explained the situation, and asked for some help. Katja made some inquires and was told that I would need a signed affidavit from the temporary PCO stating that I was in fact the first alternate. So, I obtained that affidavit and it was submitted. Still the party refused to seat me even if I showed up to the convention. After the fact, I learned that this was happening in many places all around the country.

    This is all well documented and can be verified by a number of individuals.

    I all but had given up on the Republican party at that point. Then one day I saw a big sign on my way home from work describing the most powerful position in politics — the PCO. The sign was put out by the PCO Liberty Alliance. I decided to give the party one more shot and I ran as a PCO.

    So it comes as no surprise to me that the old guard establishment continues these kinds of fraudulent tactics.

  9. They say that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. These people in both major parties want to hang onto their power for dear life. They even feel that they’re entitled to it! How dare you strip them of it, it’s theirs!

    I have had well meaning people within the Republican liberty movement ask me why in the world I would want to run on a third party ticket. Wouldn’t it be easier, they ask, to use a vessel that’s already built, rather than build a one? I even heard an analogy that went like this: Imagine you’re hiking up a tall mountain. Wouldn’t it be easier to start at a camp 2/3 of the way to the top, rather than hike from the base of the mountain? I thought about that for a moment. Yes, but when you start from 2/3 of the way up, you have people who are supposedly there to help you, shoving you off of the path, stealing your rope, and placing obstacles in your way. On the other trail, which appears longer, I actually have people helping me up, offering me a lift, and encouraging me to reach the top.

    So, I ask, which is really the easier way to get things done? Trying to work within a completely corrupt system, that fights you at every turn, or within a relative new (1971) party, that will welcome people who believe in liberty with open arms?

  10. David Knight says:

    Libertarian principles closely match those of the founders. But as young as the Libertarian party is, I can still remember scandals in it from i lived in Oregon.

    It is the nature of mankind to exploit things to their advantage. Otherwise known as sin, we need a good reason not to do it.

  11. rlcgrn says:

    Awesome reporting, Dan! I just came back from Lew “I never went to my 2012 precinct caucus but I want to complain about the straw poll results” Water’s site where he cannot help but censor Frank’s scathing and ON TOPIC remarks concerning the locus of power in the current bylaws. What does he fear? Censoring A healthy debate is not a sign of someone who wants the truth to come to light. I can’t wait to hear more about the fraud occurring from WSRP operatives and their connection to The likes of Mary Graham and Ryan Hart. How can we make sure that criminal charges are filed for this fraud? Can the County Party file a criminal complaint, or must it be the people who did not wish to file?

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