Hedrick Sets the Record Straight

Posted: May 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

In the midst of the PCO tussle in social media, a great story has been altered unrecognizably by a couple of local bloggers. The original intent of the idea for PCO candidates in contested precincts to contact their counterparts was so that either one who really didn’t want to run would yield to the more enthusiastic candidate, or two willing volunteers in the precinct might come to a meeting of the minds and find common ground, since one would end up being the other’s PCO eventually anyway. In my own precinct, my PCO stepped down as a gesture of goodwill so that I could run and assume the responsibilities of the office while he took a position on another committee. He and I have helped each other canvass and distribute literature in our precinct while he was PCO, and will continue to do so as friends and fellow Republicans now that I have the job. Rather than having a race against each other, we have chosen to unite to help great candidates in the 17th LD. It can work this way, despite the rampant cynicism that has been on display all over the internet.

Another instance of this successful collaboration is from a friend of mine, David Hedrick. David is a former Congressional candidate, and once did the political community a great service by catching a sign thief in the act as he attempted to take a PCO sign. More recently, he has been a made a focal point for the local debate about soliciting opponent withdrawals. Rather than listen to the agenda-driven words of political partisans, Here is his story in his own words:
David Hedrick

Because I do not wish to further malign the name of the innocent, for the purposes of this statement I’m going to refer to my former PCO opponent simply as my neighbor.

There are two primary reasons an individual would voluntarily run for Republican PCO. One, the person has a sincere desire to represent their precinct to the Republican Party. Two, the person is willing to step up to the plate and make sure the job gets done when an individual in the former camp has not volunteered. Both of these reasons are honorable justifications to throw one’s hat into the race. Arguably, the latter demonstrates a more transparently selfless sense of duty than the former.

Around the middle of last week, I filed as a candidate for Republican PCO seeking to represent my fellow Republicans from Precinct #681. Shortly after filing, I found that another individual from my precinct had also filed around the same time that I had.

After discovering this, I decided that I would introduce myself to my opponent and attempt to find out “which” of the reasons above, had led her to seek the position. I assumed that a person in the second group would likely be happy to hand over the seat. Of course, if she was in the first group, I would have a great opportunity to wish her luck and promise for my part, a clean, fair race.

On Friday night, I set out to do just that. I had the pleasure of meeting my neighbor and her husband at their home. As you can imagine, we talked politics. We discussed political issues, gave an abbreviated synopsis of our respective political histories and shared our opinions of various local political races. It quickly became clear, that we had much more in common than otherwise. It also became apparent that my neighbor was primarily in the second group, willing to unselfishly sacrifice her time and do the heavy lifting if necessary for the benefit of our political party, but with no great desire to hold the position for the sake of commanding the grandiose title of Republican PCO. At the beginning of our conversation, she was not aware that she had an opponent and stated as much.

It was important to me that I wasn’t convincing her to make a decision that she was not prepared to make. In fact, on multiple occasions I asked my neighbor if she was sure that she wanted to withdraw. I believe I made it quite clear, that while I was prepared to accept the position, I would rather face an election than have her regret her decision to withdraw.

She was very clear about her choice. She even graciously offered to help me campaign, presumably if I had another challenger.

The next day at an event, I expressed my excitement at how the former evening had worked out. Because I do not have to focus on my own PCO seat, I will be able to devote more of my time and efforts to getting Republican’s into office and sending choice liberal Democrats packing in the process. I had also met a new Republican ally who seemed keen to assist good candidates for office. I looked at the whole thing as a big win for the Republican Party.

It wasn’t until tonight that I was informed that some kind of created controversy had come out of this.

Those who actually know me, know that I do not make it a practice to respond to the spiteful blogging crowd. Since the moment I first took that mic, I have faced attacks from the extreme left wing of both parties by individuals where the truth is more irrelevant than an oath of office to a Democrat. To be honest, the attacks have always bothered my friends and family much more than they have ever bothered me. Of course, I’m not talking about everyone out there with a blog. Instead, I’m referring specifically to the intellectually dishonest keyboard warriors who are so quick to dismantle the efforts of others, always prepared to unleash their venom on those who are out there in our community endeavoring to change a world that their critics do nothing more than blog about. What great political courage it must take when carpal tunnel is the largest hazard.

The problem here is that there is an implication that’s being suggested by default, and this implication is the very reason I elected to respond. If I somehow tricked my opponent into relinquishing her competitive bid, she was stupid enough to fall for it. This position is as insulting as it is wrong. The intelligence my neighbor displayed during our conversation was transparently clear and anyone who spends two minutes speaking with her would know this. She was in no way politically naive. Implicitly accusing a fellow Republican of stupidity or naiveté when you have no evidence to support such an accusation is something that should not be tolerated by any Republican no matter which side of the isle he or she finds themselves on.

From here, I’m going to go back to campaigning to elect Republicans to office. I can only assume that my neighbor still plans to do the same and I look forward to working with her in the future.

And for the critics, you can go back to typing about how nothing I say or do can be trusted anyway, making up facts of your choice as you go. Just please, for your own sake, don’t forget to stretch those hands and arms before you start.

David William Hedrick



  1. Well stated David. Thank you for all your hard work for conservatives in Clark County.

  2. Frank Decker says:

    Thanks, David. And thanks for being more than just a spectator.

  3. Dick Sohn says:

    Most of us who read the blogs are local activists and insiders. We know the issues and we know the bloggers too. We consider their sources and often take their rants and musings with a generous shaker of salt. It is unfortunate that they occasionally feed the former “cage liner of record” something dubious to regurgitate. When the quest to uphold conservative principles morphs into the quest for notoriety it’s time to reevaluate your friends or perceived allies and their motivation. I believe in an “I FOR AN I”…Isolate and Ignore. Inflated egos are externally controlled and can’t function without the conflict we unwittingly supply. Save your energy for things that matter.

  4. Excellent point for those willing to try to understand it. Thank you Dick Sohn.

  5. Regarding Ghost PCO’s, which it is my belief that if you are not servicing your precinct, what is the logic in holding the office? I have not looked into it, but is there requirements for other offices? And if there is, should not the office of PCO have requirements also? I have been thinking about this all week and perhaps we as the party should discuss this.

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