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After weeks of searching, the Clark County Republican Party has found a new home.


CCRP Chairman Kenny Smith and Vice Chairman Brenda Poletti in front of the new headquarters.

HQMap Today, CCRP Chairman Kenny Smith and Vice-Chairman Brenda Poletti signed papers on a new headquarters at 9401 NE Covington, in the Five Corners neighborhood. The location is near the center of the county, and about 4.6 miles due east from the old headquarters on Hazel Dell Avenue. In addition to being a closer drive for the majority of Republicans in the county, the newer and better-maintained structure is an upgrade in terms of visibility and aesthetics. The Five Corners neighborhood is also deemed among the safer neighborhoods in the area, and hopefully the new headquarters will not be subject to the same vandalism that plagued the old location. The fact that there are no retail stores in the building should also improve the parking situation for evening meetings.

In keeping with their commitment to reach out to the community, the CCRP plans to have staff available during business hours. Chairman Smith believes that all meetings except for the quarterly central committee PCO gatherings will be held in the new building. He also looks forward to taking advantage of the sign space and high-traffic location to make a strong presence for the Republic Party in the county, which has been a concern for many Republicans since the lease with the old location was discontinued in 2013.

Having visited the site yesterday, it appears to this writer that the executive board hit a home run, and just in time to be a support for campaigns throughout the county. While there were concerns that the old building was not being used enough to justify the cost, the greater accessibility, particularly for volunteers from the 17th Legislative District (where a lot of the campaign action is) should increase the utility for the party as a whole. Many thanks are due to all of the folks who donated to make this building a reality.