Post-Meeting Recap and Notes

Posted: August 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

A few observations from last night’s meeting of the Clark County Republican PCOs:

1. Kenny Smith is an amazing chairman. The tone he set with his refusal to ignore factional issues, his praise of individual PCOs making an effort (while also prodding us all to expand our activity), and his self-deprecating humor before any voting got underway really allowed this meeting to sail through some very difficult business with astonishingly little vitriol and contention. Make no mistake; this doesn’t happen by accident. There has been a decided change in the way these meetings are run since he took over the helm, and the environment Kenny has created at these meetings has dissipated a lot of the mistrust that was manifested in the early days of the new leadership.

2. Efforts by individual PCOs are on the rise. Encouraged by the grass roots-orientation of this new board, PCOs are writing resolutions, leading campaigns, communicating with the body and getting opportunities to express concerns like never before. Last night I saw a mild-mannered PCO that never ran for office before get up and champion an anti-Charter resolution in the face of serious opposition from old-guard Republicans, including a very influential public official, and the resolution passed overwhelmingly, causing that public official and much of his entourage to beat a hasty retreat to the nearest exit. I saw a friend of mine who nobody outside of the Liberty camp ever heard of before last year get up and give an impassioned speech against an anti-gun bill (I-594) that earned his resolution enthusiastic passage from the crowd. I even saw Katja Delavar introduce a resolution against Common Core that passed UNANIMOUSLY among a super-quorum of PCOs from every faction. When I think back to the lofty goals that we had when we formed the PCO Liberty Alliance two years ago concerning empowering PCOs, I cannot but think that they have been in some way successful, and I hope there is much more to come.

3. The argument that pro-Charter people are making that somehow this charter is prescribed by the Republican party platform is quickly unraveling. The truth is coming out that because the State Republican party cancelled the 2014 convention, the most recent platform dates back to March of 2012. That platform was ‘passed’ by a small group of Establishment leaders after the convention ran on so long that it was ended before the delegates could reconvene to consider any platform. In all probability, it was copied and pasted from the 2010 platform. To argue that this old provision in the platform for Home Rule in general is somehow a vote in favor of this particular charter that was formed by a phalanx of pro-light rail, anti-Madore rent-seekers is really grasping at straws. Last night’s vote made it very clear how the party views this charter, and the community can be very confident that the local Republican party strongly opposes handing the county government over to a dictator, benevolent or otherwise.

Also of note was that the Central Committee finally had its first vote on Core Principles, and can now proudly claim to be in favor of the Sanctity of Life and limited government, among other things. Hopefully, candidates will feel encouraged to manifest those principles as well, knowing that they are among the prevailing values among the vast majority of the party.


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