Clark County PCOs Become Social Media Targets

Posted: August 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

Last month, I brought to your attention that LD 49 State Representative Jim Moeller spent a sizeable portion of his CVTV speech talking about Republican PCOs and how terrible these representatives from every precinct in Clark County are, and how he was unable to ‘reach across the aisle’ as much as in former days because of the unbearable influence of these average citizens on their Republican representatives. It seems that this has become the new talking point of the left, as evidenced by recent posts from both the Columbian and left-leaning anti-Madore facebook group C3G2 .

The Columbian’s post, entitled “Herrera Beutler, charter spurned by Republican PCOs” appears to be an attempt to attack PCOs for not rushing to endorse Jaime Herrera Beutler in her bid to retain her congressional seat at the recent Republican Central Committee meeting. While there is certainly a strong backlash against Herrera Beutler for her votes to expand government control on a wide number of issues, the fact that one PCO was trying to bring up an issue that wasn’t even on the agenda for the meeting and was never mentioned there seems somewhat less than newsworthy. We all understand that the Columbian likes nothing better than to stir up dissention among Republicans, but even by their standards, this seems to be grasping at straws. NEWSFLASH! LOCAL REPUBLICAN PRECINCT COMMITTEE OFFICERS DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT ONE OF THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES!” It just doesn’t feel like a real story somehow.

Meanwhile, this facebook group, Clark County Citizens for Good Governance, whose existence I only recently became aware of, and whose population bears a striking resemblance to the peanut gallery in the Columbian’s comment section, appears to be taking issue with your humble servant’s description of the aforementioned PCO meeting. While most of the comments resemble the standard fare that we have become accustomed to from people who know nothing about our actual ideology or background, I must admit to chuckling as I watched some of the manifestations of cognitive dissonance surrounding the application of the phrase ‘rent-seeking’ to their own beloved light rail project. Why does rent-seeking not apply to those on the left who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to lobby local officials for a public works project that many of them have and will personally financially benefit from, but that doesn’t do the average Joe Lunchbucket who drives across the river to work a bit of good, even though he is the lucky demographic that gets to pay for it? Because Koch brothers, that’s why. Check your privilege and pay up, Joe.

In general, I take the increased notoriety of local Republican PCOs as an encouraging sign that we are having an effect locally. If they were happy with us and not screaming like stuck pigs, I would wonder if our attempts to curb the growth in size and scope of government and corruption were actually doing any good. It appears that folks who were never accustomed to resistance in their plans to plunder the public coffers are now recognizing an organized hindrance to their efforts. Keep at it, PCOs.


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