Columbian Apologizes for Posting Defamatory Letter

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Greg Jayne, the editor for the Columbian’s editorial page, apologized today for what he termed an ‘egregious oversight’ in allowing a letter to be published before it was properly vetted for accuracy. The letter , penned by Kevin J. McCann of Vancouver, appeared on the Columbian’s website and in their print edition on October 13th. In it, McCann alleges that Clark County Republican Operations Director Christian Berrigan and another local political activist “publicly threatened to “fillet” and harm those who dared to disagree with them.” Neither McCann, nor the Columbian offered any evidence for the claims.

Greg Jayne

When questioned about the Columbian’s unfortunate decision to publish McCann’s false accusations, Jayne responded that “We do inspect letters for factual errors and often make changes. In this case, the letter accurately quoted another person as making threats, and we erred in allowing them to include Mr. Berrigan in that accusation. It was poor editing on our part. We should have checked our archives to confirm the accusation, and we failed to do that…we are deeply sorry for this egregious oversight. We have removed the letter from our Web site and will publish a correction in our print edition. I also have spoken with my staff about this and will work to improve our procedures regarding such letters.”

McCann, a 70-year-old resident of the 49th District, continues what now seems an established pattern for the left of attempting to sully the name of activists in the revamped local Republican party. As has been documented here, both local Democrats and the Columbian have been waging a campaign to defame and insult anyone who dares to pipe up about the local establishment agenda and the resulting costs to the common citizens of Clark County. I credit Mr. Jayne for the prompt removal of this letter from the Columbian website as soon as its dishonest nature was pointed out, but I still wonder how it ever made it into print in the first place. If I posted a letter to the editor stating that Lou Brancaccio was actually being paid by Tim Leavitt and Steve Stuart to continue his daily attacks on David Madore, does anyone think it would make it to the print copy? Someone, somewhere made a decision to print lies about a Republican PCO and board member for a reason. I appreciate Jayne’s apology, but I also expect the trend to continue. Prove me wrong, Columbian.

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