Is Carolyn Crain trying to Undermine Republicans?

Posted: November 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

File this under one of the more ironic stories of the 2014 campaign season.

Back in September, an incident occurred in front of the new Clark County Republican office in which a volunteer for the Wilson campaign picked up a Monica Stonier yard sign which had been placed directly in front of the Wilson sign he had planted a few days earlier in the median in front of CCRP headquarters – an obvious troll attempt by the Stonier campaign. While he later admitted his rookie mistake in touching another candidate’s sign, the volunteer rightly identified that the Stonier campaign had broken the unwritten rule that you don’t put signs down that obstruct the view of signs already there. As he put it, there is supposed to be a ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ not to interfere with the view of competing signs. Unfortunately, before he had a chance to decide what to do with the removed sign, he was spotted by former LD 49 Rep candidate Carolyn Crain and her friend Penny Ross who were parked in the CCRP office parking lot nearby. Ms. Ross indignantly confronted him about removing signs and then stomped off, not in time to see the man replace Stonier’s sign a few feet away from where he had taken it. I saw it there myself a few days later.

The Republican volunteer thought this incident was over until an email blast was sent out soon thereafter in which Ross had publicly upbraided him to every PCO in the 49th district, every elected Republican official in Clark County, the entire CCRP executive board, and a few bloggers for good measure. Among the indignant words she offered up:

How is integrity fed if a PCO can with no thought of repercussion tear out an opponents’ sign and replace it with his choice in broad daylight on a busy road in Clark County? The action I witnessed where beyond understanding. We have a right to be heard, the signs are a form of speech. I was appalled and can not understand the blatant disregard to other’s rights. Saddened and hurt to see anyone do such action caused me to write this to you.”

Ross and Crain then contacted the Stonier campaign to let them know their version of what had happened, and eventually the story ended up in the Columbian , whose writers were only too happy to frame it as part of a larger ‘campaign war’ and tie it to other missing Stonier signs all over the district. Lauren Dake, the Columbian political beat writer even suggested that the Wilson campaign should pay Stonier for forty missing signs at $4 each. All this over one yard sign that got moved over a few feet. Welcome to politics; thanks for volunteering.

Fast forward two months to November 4th, election day morning, and Carolyn Crain and her friend Penny Ross are spotted at the corner of NE Van Mall and Andreson. Two eyewitnesses saw them taking down a 4′ by 8′ Jeanne Stewart sign. Next to it, a Democrat operative had placed an unauthorized flag sign with the words ‘Endorsed by Madore’. These signs had been situated next to Republican signs all over Clark County, apparently with the idea that associating Republicans in general with Commissioner Madore would be considered a reason not to vote for them (some of the signs were actually screwed on to the Republican sign, which gives us an idea how much respect they have for free speech, etc). Penny Ross promptly pulled the flag sign up and walked over and placed it next to a nearby Lisa Ross sign. Lisa (no relation to Penny) was Crain’s opponent in the primary and had prevailed handily, much to Carolyn’s surprise and dismay. Carolyn has been seen in a number of places in social media trashing Lisa’s campaign and publicly congratulating Moeller in advance for his victory, as well as promising to run again in 2016.

The witnesses, who just happened to also have an interest in the signs at that intersection, took pictures. This is what the signs looked like before Crain and Ross got there:

Stewart_Ross Before

One can just make out the ‘Endorsed by Madore’ flag sign at the base of the 4 X 8 Stewart sign, several feet from the sign for Lisa Ross. The witnesses came back later, just in time to catch Crain and Penny Ross in the act:

And here is the result of Penny Ross’s sign rearrangement:


Finally, this is the scene an hour or so later, with the Stewart sign completely uprooted (note the empty space to the right of the LifePac sign:


Jeanne Stewart, who is in the thick of a tight race with Democrat Craig Pridemore, was asked if she had given the go-ahead to remove her signs on election day, with many hours to go before voting ended. She responded emphatically in the negative – she gave no such permission. Crain did not immediately respond to my attempts to question her on the matter.

My questions:

1. What explanation could Carolyn possibly have for taking down and rearranging these signs?

2. If the ‘Endorsed by Madore’ signs were seen as a negative for 49th voters, why would Penny Ross want to place that sign near the Republican running in the 49th?

3. How is this not a complete contradiction of the sanctimonious words Ms. Ross trumpeted in September?

4. Is Carolyn still expecting help from Republicans in the future?

  1. Micheline Doan says:

    Are you off your rocker? Do you fools in the Republican Party talk to each other because this blog story is slanderous? First of all that wonderful spot in front of the Ford-Hyundia dealership where Jeanne Stewart’s sign stood was private property and the permission to be there was gotten for Jeanne by Carolyn Crain. The wood on some of Jeanne’s signs was Carolyn’s which she donated to Jeanne and while you sat on your butt Carolyn was out walking for Jeanne. Of course you fools are good at driving a wedge between Republicans and I’m sure whatever you said to Jeanne about what Carolyn was doing when she was at the site in your pictures was construed as misleading. I am not going to tell you what she was doing because she had already talked to Kenny Smith who I believe is the CCRP Chair. Apparently your wife ( the co-chair) and Kenny don’t communicate well or you and your wife don’t but it doesn’t matter to me. Let me answer some of your questions that you asked Carolyn because unlike you I speak the truth. No.2…NO so tell me “are endorsed by Madore” positive or negative because I have been to several Commissioner’s meetings pledging support to our Republican Commissioners and I guess I am not understanding the question. No. 3…both Carolyn and I vote for Republicans. In fact Carolyn and I were instrumental in convincing Jeanne Stewart to run for office and we both gave her personal monetary contributions. As for Lisa Ross when you run a candidate with only the intent of beating the other Republican candidate then you get what you deserve. Lisa didn’t run a race to beat the Democrat. Carolyn and I could have voted for Lisa 1000 times and she still wouldn’t have won but I didn’t vote for her because I am in the 17th. No.4… I have always been a Republican but I am not aligned with you and I don’t have to be. The joy of being a Republican is I can be one and I can vote Republican but I don’t have to be a part of your group. Here is the lesson you haven’t learned… to survive you need me but I don’t need you. No. 5…Whether Carolyn runs or not is none of your business. Carolyn like myself is a Republican, you are the one I have my doubts about. Go spew your venom all you want because you have no idea who you are alienating.

  2. Frank Decker says:

    Thank you for bringing this to light. Let’s hope it doesn’t get forgotten in the future.

    • Micheline, I’ve looked at that spot from every angle, and for the life of me, I can’t find a car dealership anywhere. I think you may have the spots mixed up, the one in the pictures is obviously city property next to an intersection.
      I’m not going to try to wade through your garbled mess of a post, I will just say that if Caroline has a different version of events than the obvious interpretation from eyewitnesses and the pictures they provided, I am happy to amend the story. I attempted to get her input before writing, and she refused to respond, instead choosing to forward my communication to her friends. I am sure that she supported Jeanne Stewart (except perhaps on election day, when she needed the wood for something?). I am also sure that she tried to publicly throw a Wilson volunteer (and by extension the Wilson campaign) under the bus, and that she has loudly opposed the Lisa Ross campaign, as you do in your comment. The repositioning of the ‘Endorsed by David Madore’ sign was just the cherry on top. If Lisa wasn’t a serious candidate, she sure did a good impersonation of one. She is losing 45-55 to the same fellow that Carolyn lost 39-61 only two years ago. How much better might she have done if you and Caroline hadn’t been writing mean things about her?

  3. The notion that Lisa only ran to beat Carolyn is utterly absurd.

  4. magboiler says:

    Seems like some unnecessary accusations that only create bad feelings to no end!

  5. Christian Berrigan says:

    And one year later, the headline is a rhetorical question.

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