Columbian Reports on Kimsey Investigation from a Curious Angle

Posted: December 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

This evening, the Columbian picked up on our story about the ongoing investigation into County Auditor Greg Kimsey’s role in getting the charter passed. By the way, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge our newest lurking presence, if for no other reason than because it would be rude not to. So welcome, Lauren Dake. We mostly like Lauren here, but she doesn’t always cite her sources very well.

In any case, we shouldn’t be surprised to find the Columbian taking Kimsey’s part in their reporting, despite the fact that he won’t talk to them about it (no word on whether Ms. Dake still considers that behavior to be rude). One snippet that caught my interest was toward the end of the article when it takes a strange turn into discussion about the County’s fee waiver program, and Kimsey’s recent audit of it, the results of which have been disputed by a number of other county officials. I am unsure what that has to do with Kimsey’s behavior during the most recent election and the CCRP’s request, but the quote is interesting, nonetheless:

When Stewart asked to be caught up to speed on the fee waiver program and the audit, Madore explained that Kimsey had opposed the program from the outset.

Kimsey has said that the program was investigated based on its merits, not a vested belief that it would fail.

Now Lauren hasn’t been around long, so she may be forgiven for not remembering Kimsey’s public comments regarding the fee waiver program as it was being instituted, which can be found in her own newspaper from May of 2013:

Last Tuesday night, County Auditor Greg Kimsey… advised the commissioners: “Waiving (development and engineering) fees on private schools, churches, restaurants, strip malls and other retail projects does not address Clark County’s unemployment problem. We need another Christensen Shipyard, not another McDonald’s.

So Kimsey, who was willing to make provocative comments in public on the fee waiver program before any results could be observed, doesn’t have a vested interest in being right? You don’t find that just a little bit curious, Lauren?

Over and over we are seeing our county auditor forgetting that he is supposed to be the voice of impartiality. He is supposed to stick to the facts as they happen, rather than steering them to suit his own political goals. His role is actually defined by statute. This is why he is under investigation, not because Republicans woke up one day and decided to purge one of their own elected officials. This auditor appears to believe he is running the county, rather than scrutinizing those who are elected to do so.


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